Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Thoughts: Inauguration

So I'm excited about my first trip in '09. Inauguration! I will be in DC with millions of other people to hopefully witness the swearing in of President-elect Obama. Besides the partying searching of boo-tentials, the crew of folks I'll be going with have signed up to do some volunteering during the inaugural weekend. Even more exciting.

As I prepare for my are some of my random thoughts about the weekend/trip.

1. I have lots to accomplish before taking off. Getting clothes dry cleaned (and getting clothes out of the cleaners), washing clothes, figuring out what I'm going to do with my hair, finding a formal gown, finding a duffle bag for my shoes and making sure I have everything I need before I take off. I almost wish I was taking a half day on Thursday just to get a head start on everything. I feel like I need a day to prepare. Especially this formal gown madness. I've been on Macy's website and the few dresses I like, aren't in store :-/

2. Because I need to prepare for so much, I'm thinking that I may have to work out in the morning to compensate for more time in the evenings. I must keep at it.

3. I hate that I won't be getting much sleep the night before, but I really am glad that I have a 6am flight. I can get some sleep once I get there, get a mani/pedi, and get a preview of the cuties I will see for the entire weekend. But the best the event that O'hare is on some bull, I have all day to get to DC. It looks like the weather will be working in our favor, Chi-town.

4. I really wish my cousin, Korey lived in Chicago. Not only would he do my hair on a weekly basis, he'd be hooking it up this week. Since I'm trying to get this sew-in done before Friday, the best option I have come by is that I get it sewn in for $40 and I have to go to someone else to get it braided. It sounds like it's going to be a 2 day affair. I have a layover in NYC and I have really thought about just staying in NY for morning to get my hair done by cuzo and then taking the Chinaman bus to DC. Since I'm not carrying on, that option isn't going to work.

5. I'm trying to prepare for the worst..back up outfits, keeping water on deck, transportation to and from destinations. I think I can put the thought of being on time anywhere in the very back of my mind.

6. I wonder since DC will be seeing an extra 2 million people, how will phone signals be working. Like will calls be going straight to voicemail, text messages be lost.

7. Besides the people from Chicago I'm rolling with and my soror who I'm staying with, I hope folks don't think I'm trying to make plans to hook up or see them. Unless you rolling to the same parties, I'll catch you later.

8. The top 5 questions I expect to have to answer all weekend: 1) Where you from? 2) Where you staying? 3) Who are you here with? 4) What you getting into tonight? 5) What are you getting into after this?

9. I expect sit down restaurants to have waiting times out the 2 hours and such. I wouldn't even bet on making reservations.... since I'm inpatient and not about waiting when I'm hungry, I'm okay Mickey D's and Popeye's.

10. I think I may not make my flight back to the Chi. B/w traffic, the crowd on the capitol, and just not in a rush, I'm okay with getting to Chicago the next day (hopefully).

11. I am going to need a couple months to bounce back after all the money I plan to drop on eating, partying, formal dress, this weekend. I'm already at $300 and counting. The next trip won't be until April. Don't ask me about All Star weekend, or any getaway trips (unless it's a ski trip-I am trying to do that and will find the money for it).

12. To piggyback off #7, I have a feeling that I will run into folks that I'm not tryna see. Mainly ex-flames. I need some mercy on me and hope the ex love of my life stays far far away.

13. I wonder what celebrity sightings (if any) I will have.

14. I somewhat just want to bar/club hop in Adams Morgan... I don't think any place will be a bad look.

15. DC has extended last call until 4am... debauchery!