Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can I Get Some Professionalism Please?

So in the past few weeks, I have been observing that people are lacking in giving quality customer service or acting professional. I like my service with a smile, a "thank you" and "have a great day." I don't want to feel rushed, I want you to act like my problem or issue is your top priority and damnit, I want to feel appreciated. In the past few weeks, here are some of my gripes with customer service especially when in OUR community.

Hair Salons
Oh yes, ladies. We liked to get the hair whipped on a weekly basis, however with this recession, I have limited my trips to the salon to a) special occasions, b) cuts/trims, and c) relaxers. I have to say that I can't stand going to the salon because for some odd reason, I am stuck there for at least 4 hours, for you to do something to my head that I could probably done with much effort. I've had stylists run out of the salon for weed breaks, food breaks, leaving me wet in the chair. Let me not get started on those who can't multi-task, basically talk on the phone while you do my hair (even though you shouldn't be talking anyway!) This is basically enough to let me know that I will never come back to you again. And as much as I like salon talk/gossip I truly hate when stylists, barbers and shampoo girls can't have a conversation without cursing. And why are you hollering? I was at the salon this week and the shampoo girl decided to tell a story where I think every other word was "f---," "s---" and "motherf----." And the stylist was caught up in this talk as well... killed the entire experience especially since she failed to really wow me with my hair. I won't be returning.

My Apartment Building
*sigh* Most people know the problems and gripes I have. Broken elevators, flooding in bathroom, heat too high, heat not even on. I am currently at Starbucks writing this post because my apartment is probably 20 degrees right now. I slept with the stove on, only to wake up several times throughout the night and my face was ice cold :-/ Regardless, I live in Hyde Park, can our building get upgraded. Can I not worry about getting stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes? Or if a storm comes through, can my water not go out along with my electricity? And when I call for maintenance requests, can I not get an attitude and not wait a full week for them to be done?!

Retail Associates
This comes from my recent adventure to Forever 21 this week. I'm starting to see that there's a trend in the hiring for the Forever 21 on Michigan and State St. Too young, lack of professionalism. However as I was there this past week, and in my efforts to try on some items. I had to wait because the girl wanted to continue to put clothes back on the hanger, and once I was done trying on clothes, I had to again wait because she decided to show her friend her "model walk." Really? We are in Forever 21. Not the catwalk sweetie, let's get it together.

So what have been some of your gripes with customer service?