Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas folks! I know have been off the blogging scene lately but it's due to 1) work has been crazy on my end, and 2) I am currently transitioning the 'net from Comcast to Verizon so am not able to log on at home. But since I'm at home in the 'bus, I have some free time on my hands to finish up a couple drafts I have been working on.

So this Throwback Thursday I am dedicating to the holiday. TLC's "Sleigh Ride" off the '93 LaFace Christmas album. Such a catchy song, and this is around the time when the girl group first dropped. Loved them and still do!

Video Moments: The condoms on the overalls. T-Boz singing flat. How did she get away with it? RIP Left Eye.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Company Partying

It is Friday afternoon, and I am still feeling the effects of last night's company holiday party. From 6-11, at Martini Park, co-workers enjoyed food (well I didn't, more on that later), drinks, music and each other's company. I am seriously trying to figure out how I am functioning today. I seriously woke up at 7:37am, and hadn't set nan alarm, somehow pulled myself together and made it to the office today. I ran out at lunch to get a 3 piece, biscuit and some fries from Popeye's and ran into a co-worker in the elevator. We looked at each other and immediately laugh because we know we are both still out of it.

This is my 3rd company holiday party (2nd as an employee), and I have to say that my company tries to pull out all the stops for parties. Open bar, good food. The music is always a hit or miss but we still kick it. However, last night's party made me realize there are some "Do's and Don'ts" to company holiday partying or just company functions in general.

Do bring your significant other and if they're hot, do flaunt them around.
- One of my co-workers brought her fine a$$ Aussie boyfriend last night. He could be David Beckham's little brother. He had the down under accent. Goodness! He had us girls swooning. Co-worker knew, and she was loving it, lol. I had to dap her up and give her the "go girl" because she had a winner. I should have asked if he had any brothers and if they plan on moving to America. This makes me realize that when I do decide to bring an actual date to the party, can I top that? I'm going to have to find my Idris soon! Plus, who knew the Aussies were doing it like that... besides Dr. Troy from Nip/Tuck (I love him!) I should've went to Australia with T & D. (Disclaimer: This is just me being really silly right now but I do need to find Idris)

Don't allow your boyfriend to say inappopriate comments to your co-workers.
-So one of my co-workers brought her obnoxious BF as her guest (and he brought his boy; how does your guest invite a guest?). So as we're standing at the bar, he tells me that I look like Rihanna. It's the hair I tell him. His boy agrees and comments that he loves Rihanna. Woopty do. Then boyfriend goes, "but man she's a darker skinned Rihanna." Really!? I immediately turned up my face and walked away. T comes over to me and tells me that he was asking about her hair (which was pulled back in a fro), "when she picks it out does it get big?" Again, really?! He was totally out of order! I suggest you make sure you keep an eye on your BF if you know he gets out of pocket, or don't invite him at all!

Do take advantage of the open bar
-Open bar for 4-5 hours? Includes top shelf? Not just beer & wine. Get yo' drink and 2 step on. I was definitely throwing a pear 'tini back every half hour.

Don't overdo it at the bar
-Yes, you can have unlimited drinks all night, but don't go shot for shot, or try to drink someone under the table. Pace yourself. You don't want to be known as "that guy" or "that girl" who didn't keep it together at the holiday party. I can typically hold my liquor, but a few of my co-workers and I were having conversations, and they started doing the emotional talk. You know the "I looove you" and they're yelling even though you're standing next to them.

Do make your presence known at the party
-I know you see these folks for 8 (if not 10) hours a day, 5 times a week however you're out of the office, so be sure to chop it up with them.

Don't show up late
-The company party was from 6-11. My girl and fellow co-worker made the decision to go home (we both live south) and get fabulous for the evening. We don't need to be there right at 6 right? Wrong. We showed up at 8:30 only to find no food. Now this was about the same time we arrived last year. We were able to grub on calamari and sliders before we got our drink on. Not this year. Food was gone 'cept the dessert which consisted of donut holes. We both were HUNGRY. Like I couldn't wait to eat. We talked to the host and the manager. Found out food was snatched up at 8 and that if we wanted to eat we would have to PAY for it. Damn! Like that? I don't know about y'all but when I haven't/don't eat, I have a 'tude. Like I become evil. Can't be evil around the co-workers, so I decided to go to the bar and get a drink to calm down. I did throw back a few of those donut holes to hold myself over. So I say to you, if you trying to eat and the company might be on some cutback/recession type ish, show up at your function on time!

Do get your boogie on
-If the music's good, dance. If it's not, still find the beat and rock to it. It's always a good time to dance with co-workers and see who's got rhythm and who needs lessons.

Don't drop it like it's hot
-Yeah, they might have put on Flo-Rida or Ursha, but that does not mean you let your knees hit the elbows. At our summer function, a couple of the co-workers were getting low, bent over. I mean it is still a work function people! Let it be known that it's your joint, but still..keep it classy.

But all in all, do party like a rockstar :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let It Snow

Since the Chi has been experiencing a white December this week (we're expecting up to 9 inches between tonight and tomorrow!), I decided to dedicate this Throwback Thursday to the weather. Boyz II Men ft. Brian McKnight's "Let it Snow." Doesn't this song just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and excited about the Christmas season? I know it just solidified my excitement to go home for the holiday. There aren't many R & B Christmas songs, and this is one of favorites (not sure if it's a classic quite yet).

Video Moments: The matching 'fits. Those sweaters are a guaranteed winner for any ugly Christmas sweater party. The mustard yellow TAPERED LEG pants with WHITE SOCKS (or are they cream?)... hot mess, lol.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am a mama's girl. So when it comes time to Christmas, Mother's Day, and other special days, I try to spoil my mama. However this year, I am having the hardest time trying to figure out what to get her for Christmas. This is a woman that I have bought everything you can think of ... PJs, shoes, electric toothbrush, jewelry, clothes, perfume. You name it, I think I've bought it.

So I'm trying to think of some things out the box and that won't cost me too much however she can appreciate. There is a recession and I'm trying to save. Here are a few that I've thought about: a gift certificate to a spa for a massage, a voucher towards a flight, or I was thinking of a mantage of small items (lip gloss, a scarf, a book, etc.) I'm sure my presence at home for a week is more than enough but still want to get her something :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Got that Goose

As many of you know I'm on my workout grind...up to four times a week now (yeah!). So today, personal trainer cutie offered to give me a ride home since he drove to work. Well, he parked in the South Loop (southern area of downtown for my non-Chicagoans). But I wasn't complaining since I'd be in a warm vehicle (and he owes me BIG time) instead of waiting for the bus in the frigid air. In order for us to get to where he parked, we have to jump on the red line. Now, the red line going and coming anywhere between South and downtown can be quite an adventure (as well as the Green line, which I have great stories from riding to and from church).

So we're sitting across from each other chatting it up, this brotha with a large coat proceeds to move so that he's now sitting next to us. Trainer and I both give each other the "ok, what he want?" eye. Brotha proceed to ask, "yall drink?" Trainer answers "naw man." Brotha proceeds to say as he brings a fifth of Goose out the inside of his coat, "oh ok, 'cause I'm about to say, what yall need, cause I got it. Goose, Remy, Henn, and it's half off." And like that he brings out a fifth of Remy, Henn along with the Goose. I immediately crack up laughing because never have I seen a brotha selling liquor. We all know that brothas be on their hustle in the Chi. Socks, washcloths..DVDs, CDs. I have even been in the beauty salon and some ladies came in selling panties from H & M. Yes, panties!

But I digress. So, Trainer humors him and says, "so how much you selling that Goose for?" Hustleman: "It's $35 but for you $20." Trainer goes on to explain that he doesn't have enough cash on him, and Hustleman proceeds to bring out a 1/2 of Goose saying "well if you can't afford the 1/5 I got the 1/2 and the small bottle. I even got Absolute," as he goes in a pocket and brings out a small bottle of regular Abso, and turns to me and says "I know the girls can't handle the strong stuff so I got the Citrus for you." He speaks of Absolute Citron. At this point, my head is down and my laugh is muffled. And, I'm not sure if I'm laughing at the fact that Hustleman is selling liquor, he called Citron citrus (I know it's the same thing, but he said it so seriously), or that he was able to walk around with all those bottles of liquor! He had to have had at least 10 bottles on him..but I guess if he was breaking a sweat, he was probably keeping him warm in this darn cold.

You gotta love Chicago right?

On Repeat on my iPod

Common ft. Kanye - Punch Drunk Love

So when 'ye and Com' get on a track together, how can one lose? I absolutely love this song. From 'ye's hook "I awwwready know I'm too fly" to Com's line "I knock and I knock girl, can I come inside." Hopefully this is the next release from his album....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let's Ride

Unnnnnh! It's that time of the week folks. Throwback Thursdays.

Let's rewind back to '97 (my sophomore year of HS), when No Limit was pretty much running radio and video. Mystikal, Mia X, C-Murda, Magic...yeah, you know you were at Best Buy or Target every Tuesday copping the latest No Limit joint (because they dropped an album every week if not two in one week), which you heard P saying "Unnnnnnh!" in the background on about every song. You or someone you knew or know had that "I'm 'Bout It" on VHS, and it soon became the phrase of the moment. Those 504 boys had music on lock.

And just when you were about tired of 'em, the West coast, 6'8" cutie, Montell "This is How We Do It" Jordan (shout out to the Nupes) collaborated with P and Silk to drop "Let's Ride." Who wasn't bumping this joint in the ride, or trying to grind it out to this at the latest party? Some of my girls copped the single...NO! I copped the entire CD, and Montell has now became the "2-hitter quitter" to me, because he only gives you two quality songs off the album. (Don't believe me? Go through his albums and peep.) But this song is my joint and everytime I hear, I can't help but think of the great memories of 10th grade, lol.

Video moments: Those girls took chair dancing to a whole 'nother level. I promise Shawty Lo fashioned his "Cheddar Chase" after whatever dance that P is doing in the video (jogging in place?). Those fur coats with the skullies are a hot mess.... *sigh* I miss the 90s....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Shole is Hungry

The old adage is that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I don’t think that it holds true, because I have seen quite a few relationships where men are dating a woman who can’t even boil water. However, when a potential/interest finds out that I cook (and I can) they are quite shocked, like it's unheard of for a woman to cook. One guy even gave me the response of "damn, can I get you pregnant." (That quote and situation deserves it's own post).

I come from a family of cooks and I was thrown in the kitchen once my moms got preggers with my lil’ sis. Since she couldn’t be on her feet, I had to cook the family dinners for 6 months and then when she didn't feel like it. Being a single woman, I also choose to cook because it helps save money (especially during this da*n recession!) and allows me to just fine tune my skills so to speak. And, I have dated quite a few men who can hold their own in the kitchen, to the point now I would like my future BF/hubby to be able to cook (and not just steak & potatoes). Not to mention, it’s quite a turn on to get breakfast in bed, or cook together on a Friday night (makes for great QT and prequel to dessert). And, I have to think about my future kids. I can’t have them eating hamburger helper or rice-a-roni every night (nothing’s wrong with it because I ate a lot of it growing up myself).

So how important is it for your S.O. to have cooking skills? Is it okay if they can at least cook breakfast or know a few meals? Or it doesn’t matter at all, as long as they bring other skills to the table?

Monday, December 8, 2008

You've Got to...Give a Little..

Christmas time = the giving season. However, with the recession being confirmed and money quite tight for everyone, coming out of pocket is not the only way you can give. Volunteering your time to a worthy charity or project is one of the best and rewarding ways to give around this time. I know that often, we want to claim our time is sooo precious, however think about those hours you spend wathching reality TV or surfing the Web can be used to help the greater good!

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity of spending the afternoon and evening with my Akanke Mentorship Program that I mentor through. It's a program started by a young lady from Richmond, CA comprised of 18 mentees who attend KIPP Charter School, who are mentored by young professional women like myself. We had a Christmas party and took the young ladies ice skating downtown (which was something that most had never done). My mentee is a 15 year old freshman, who is a cheerleader and absolutely hilarious. We're able to talk to each comfortably about life, school and family. I think about when I was a freshman (waay back in the day) and I would have loved to have a mentor who is able to offer me guidance and advice on my day-to-day life and future. I can only hope that I can be a great role model and make a difference in her life.

One of my resolutions for '08 was to get more active in my community, and with Obama winning the presidency, I find that I want to do my part in making sure this country sees the change is needs and want to offer up my gifts to help my community. And with the year quickly coming to an end, I am finding more projects and organizations that I can become involved with!

Need ideas or ways to get involved around this season and beyond? For my Chicagoans, one of my girl's volunteers through Chicago Cares, and another one of my girl's dedicates her blog to giving through charity events and volunteer projects in the city. However, there's always local community organizations and most companies offers up any ways for you to service your community.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Juli B

Last Thursday, I attended a presentation at work for Juli B, a luxury & lifestyle "e-zine" that informs their readers about the latest in fashion, travel, dining, nightlife etc. Pretty much anything that's new and cool. Part of Modern Luxury which includes Chicago Social magazine, and founded by Juli B, she and her team brought us fun goodie bags (mine included Essie nail polish and Mark. lip gloss!) as she presented information about how the site would offer the opportunity for our clients to build up brand awareness by getting in front of their readers.

However, I found that the site could not only benefit my clients, but I as well. What girl doesn't want to receive free new products, info about a trendy restaurant for her next "girls night out," exclusive parties or the latest info on vacation hot spots?! So I quickly signed up to receive updates from the site as soon as I returned to my desk.

If any of you ladies are interested in finding out about what's new and cool, I encourage you to subscribe to receive updates as well. You'll only receive updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you don't have to worry about emails clogging up your inbox!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Throwback Thursday: My Boo

So I've decided to do a little post every Thursday called "Throwback Thursdays," where I'll post a video from back in the day that I just know you used to work it out to.

First up...Ghostown DJ's. So last Friday, while at my girl Kel's house with our guys Calvin and Marcus, we were watching VH1 Soul. This has to be the BEST music video station ever. They always manage to play the oldies that were the jams. Well when this video comes on, we ALL immediately start Bankhead Bouncing, LMAO! Talk about when Bass music was all you heard on the radio, and the A gave us the Bankhead Bounce. No longer did you have to worry about sweating out your hair or your new outfit. Even your granny could do it with ease! Ah, the memories!

But as we watched the video, some of these questions came about. Did we ever really know who the Ghostown DJ's were? Were we really wearing neon colored bathing suits with high waist bottoms back in the day? Did you ever think JD would be with the "Queen of Pop," Janet Jackson? And what ever happened to Super Soaker water guns?

Regardless, go ahead and bounce it out on your Thursday morning....

Baby, it's cold outside...

With the brutal cold (affectionately known as "the hawk") finally taking over Chi City, there's nothing like warming up with a nice cup of hot chocolate. And if you ever want to spice up your normal cup, I encourage you to go to Ethel's. The chocolate boutique happens to be one of my company's clients, and a few weeks ago, while showing my soror the city, we ventured into Old Town and Lincoln Park and stopped by to get a cup of hot chocolate. Being my adventurous self, I decided to try the Mexican Hot Chocolate, which has cinammon and chili powder. It changed my life! Talk about the nice rich chocolate flavor, with a nice kick of spice. Mmm, delicious! A regular sized cup will run you about $5, but it's definitely worth it on a wintery morning or afternoon.

Also, try some of their yummy candies, but beware they will run you $2 a piece or $3 for 2 pieces.

**Let's just say, I'm totally craving a cup right now. Just got into the office and I'm still thawing out**

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Young Love at the Gym

So I’m crushing on the young cute personal trainer at my gym. He’s 22, but he’s 6’4” (tall men are so hard to come by in the Chi) body is pure greatness, sexy eyes and just a real cool personality. Lil’ youngin has even taken the time to give me some free sessions and whenever I’m there if he’s training a client, he’ll tell me what to do for my workout. So come to find out through our one mutual friend, lil’ homie is crushing on me to. Haaaaay! However, I can’t seem to wonder if I really want the innocent flirting that we do inside the gym to come outside. A part of me can’t seem to take him seriously because of his age and his failure to follow through. Background: He was supposed to stop by and say “hi” this weekend, however didn’t tell me until the last minute (late night) that he couldn’t make it.

So I have voiced my concern to mutual friend, and she’s informed me that I should just have fun. I’m playing with the thought, but my soror is telling me to leave it alone. In the event that my “having fun” hurts his feelings (and I say his feelings will get hurt, because I simply refuse to let a young boy do me in), it will be awkward, uncomfortable when I go into the gym. Therefore, I may have to resort to working out at the “club” AKA The Bally’s on 47th in Hyde Park. So what say you? Should I give young boy a chance, or just stick to flirting and letting him help me get it tight for ’09?


I've finally set up my blog! It took me a while because 1) I have all these drafts of entries, and 2) I could not think of a name for my blog to save my life. However, it's here, and I'll be posting my thoughts on love, life, my love life, fashion, music etc soon. Can't wait to hear you all's thoughts!