Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A New Direction

Hey folks...

I've definitely been on a like two week hiatus. It's so hard to stay on top of blogging with my travel schedule so crazy right now. However, I've been doing some hard thinking about the blog and think I'm going to go into the direction of fashion and beauty, but I will still keep my Throwback Thursday and also do some posts about new music I'm feeling as well. I'll be taking the next week or so to really define the direction and purpose, but I'll get it there.. and it will still be A Fly Girl's World :)

Love, Peace and Blessings!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Need Some Sushi in Your Life?

This one is for all of my sushi heads. I recently did drinks and apps with an old co-worker who told me that there's a sushi restaurant that's offering a helluva bargain during these recession times. Koi and Chen's (two separate locations) are offering $20 off when you spend $30.. say huh, say what?! Yes, you can leave with a $10 bill people. The offer expires Tuesday, the 7th, but definitely try to take advantage. To print off the coupon, click on the link below. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweat It Out...

Monday night, I conquered my first session of yoga, and not just regular yoga... bikram yoga. Thanks to TFG, she posted info about Bikram City recently and I felt compelled to check it out. I've been hearing wonderful things about how yoga helps with circulation, flexibility and with the $29 special they have going on, I couldn't resist.

After running to Marshall's to cop a mat, some workout gear I trucked it over to the location. You have to wait for the previous class to finish before being able to go up. The place and the locker rooms are tiny. My thoughts on bikram yoga. Intense... but I loved it! For 90 minutes in 105 degree room, you go through 26 positions. And each pose prepares your body for the next. The great thing about the heat is that it loosens your muscles so that you can easily get into each poseI did not like that I was in front; the more experienced yogites typically are positioned in the front of the room so those beginners can see the proper technique. And also, the fact that since the class was probably maxed out, we were on top of each other.. eeew! But the freeze pops that we got afterwards made up for it... ahh! Takes me back to my childhood.

So here's a few tips:
1) Make sure you have a mat, towel (catches the sweat), and a big bottle of water.

2) Dress less... since it's so hot, I would encourage you to be in shorts and a tank. Fellas - shorts.

3) Arrive early. Give your body time to adjust to the temp and get centered.

4) Don't overdo it. The instructor will let all beginners know that if you feel dizzy, SAT DOWN!

5) You have to leave your shoes at the doors so if you don't like walking barefoot, make sure you have socks.

I seriously am feeling the after effects today.. my legs are killing but I loved how I felt after leaving there. Refreshed and less stressed. I say definitely check the spot out. (I copied a couple of add'l yoga articles because I'm sure I missed some vital information.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Knock You Down

I'm definitely feeling Keri Hilson right now. The chick's swag and talent is just killing! Totally love her...

So this song is playing on repeat right about now.. the fact that she has 'Ye and Ne-Yo on the track makes it event hotter. I decided to embed the vid instead of just giving you the track.

Social Networking: Friend or Foe?

"Are you on Twitter?" This is a question my mom asked me via e-mail the other day. And even though I am, I couldn't help but be shocked that my mom would possibly be on it and wondered why. The woman is private and doesn't have that much going on in her life to update her status every 2-5 minutes. (I'm still trying to understand Twitter.. I'm just not there yet).

The world of social networking has taken over the World Wide Web. From blogging, to Facebook to Linked In, you're able to snag a date to possibly snagging a job. However, it's more than that. You get a glimpse into total strangers, associates and even your colleagues' lives. You find out where people kicked it over the weekend, see photos from their most recent vaca, who they're in a relationship with, where they're working, etc, etc. But how much information is too much information?

I heard about this story, listening to the radio the other day and thought "well damn." No information is safe. (I seriously sometimes wonder if the information I put on my own blog will possibly jeopardize some relationships, friendships or my job.) And we should know this by now, but when will people stop divulging information including their inner most thoughts? And will we ever stop caring? Because don't front, you're "stalking" your boo-tential, your frenemies and whoever else's life you want to not care about. I wish we could go back to the old way of communicating. No one e-mails or calls anymore. It's all about messaging, poking and tweeting. Information is misconstrued and people think the random guy I'm hugged up on is my BF while he's just a prop for my photo. And damn the honesty box... why can't you just tell a mutual friend that you got a crush on me, why must I guess???!!

Sitting around with a couple of my girls, one stated that "Facebook and all of these social networking sites are a ploy by the government to know what you're doing at any given moment." As funny and silly as this sounds.. you can't help but think.. is it true?

I've often thought about taking a hiatus from FB and the likes but I won't - as much as I hate that I can't make it through the day without checking in.. still gotta love it.

I'm Baaaack...

Okay folks, sorry for the oh so long hiatus. Being in Dallas for a week and then spending another week recuperating, definitely left me with little to no time to update the blog.

My thoughts today:
1) March Madness sucks... the NCAA tourney gods did not show me favor after the Sweet Sixteen Round. Boooo! Talk about going from 1st place in the company pool to now being 6th, and now it doesn't event matter. Pitt and Louisville both choked. I was definitely hoping to come up on some extra money. On to the next..
2) I totally hate Chicago weather. From the 30 degree temps, to the random thundertorms Saturday night, to the got damn wintery mix Sunday morning (WTH is a wintery mix anyway), only to clear up by the afternoon. Chicago weather is so bipolar! I need a warm weather vaca ASAP!
3) I so wish I had the option of working from home. I'm having a case of the Mondays and I'm just glad I have a 4 day week.. hope your week gets off to a better start!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Texas Baby!

So folks I'm in Dallas for work this week. Not sure how exciting it will be but I def plan on trying some barbeque, hopefully check out a rodeo and take in the Texas scene. 

I hope to have some full details and a full week of posts next week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yeezy's New Breezy

As of late, the homie Ye has been toting video vixen Amber Rose around. As much as I'd like to get into old girl's past and what their relationship is based on... I won't. What I want to talk about is how Ye is upgrading this chick's style. Well, let me be more specific and say that her shoe game is killing! Everytime I venture to a blog and they're spotted, he's got her stuntin' on 'em. Her outfits are typically horrid, but nonetheless I can't hate on what she has on her feet. Here a few pics of favorites... plus I just peeped that BeBe has a knock-off of the tan sandals that I'm thinking about copping.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Like the Waaaay...

So besides David Koresh, Waco's only other claim to fame is the R & B group, Hi-Five. Can I just say that I LOVED Hi-Five, especially Tony Thompson (R.I.P.) I had their greatest hits CD (I'm not sure if three albums qualify for a greatest hits CD, but I sure did have it) and knew all of their songs by heart. About 3/5 of the group were cuties, and with Teddy Riley's production they had some classic hits. "Quality Time," "She's Playing Hard to Get," but my favorite was "I Like the Way (Kissing Game)." I was all of probably 8 years old when this came out but it's so innocent and sweet. Makes me think of my first crush, Charles Clark. Ah, the grade school memories!

Video Moments: 1) The dance intro at the beginning - we seriously would be at recess doing this as part of our dance routines. 2) Are there jackets really only closed by one button? 3) What's with the juggling of the fire?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back, Back

I have this thing about personal space. Mainly with strangers. Well, even if I know who you are but don't really know you, I do need you to not be all in my area. However, if I know you or I'm trying to get to know you (haaay boo!), then no problem.

However, I have come to find out that personal space may be a cultural thing. I am beginning to find that that when I'm out among "my" people, that I don't have to worry about getting extra breath in my face or turning around and damn near knocking you over. For example, I go to J & J's last night to pick up a dinner, and folks are spaced out, waiting their turn. There isn't even a formal line, however people know who's before them and when it's their turn. No one's breathing down another person's back trying to put that order in for some catfish... people are respecting the personal space.

Now fast forward to today. I ran out to grab lunch at Subway, it's packed to the point that the line is almost out the door. Also, there's a formal line. However, as I am in line, the man behind me is on my back to the point if I were to try scratch my back, I would elbow him in his rib cage. And he would probably look at me like I'm in the wrong but he's not respecting my area.

I really think there are only certain places that being pressed up on total strangers is okay.

The Club
-Since the majority of clubs (or should I say restaurants since promoters often do not utilize actual clubs) are small in size and the fact that doormen are going to violate the crowd capacity, booty bumping with someone you don't know is going to happen. You prepare yourself as you are getting dressed and pre-gaming that this will occur. Therefore, as you are at the bar trying to get that Goose and Cran, and brotha man next to you is pushing his way up, you can't even get mad. It's the club promoters faults.

The Concert (General Admission Only)
-More than likely, you are in groupie/fan mode and are trying to get as close to the stage as possible to see your favorite artist. You got the digi or the cell out trying to capture the beads of sweat on the forehead and feel the bass in your body. And you can't really get mad at the chick behind you screaming "I want to have your baby," because low key.. you thinking the same thing. And you can't lie.. you want to hold his hand. However, at concerts where there is assigned seating, I don't need to feel any part of your body across the seat.

Wherever Obama Is
-He's our (Black) President. He's wonderful. He's great. He's awesome. He's the homie. Enough said.

-We all know the Taste is jam packed the entire two weeks it goes on. The city of Chicago, the state of Illinois, folks from across the country come into town for it. It's national. All ages, races are out.. so yeah, you're going to feel somebody bump you with a stroller and it's going to take you 20 minutes to get to the next booth. *sigh*

How do you feel about personal space? Did I miss some venues where it's acceptable?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rocking My Red Pumps...

In honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, my girl KB and fellow blogger Luvvie have birthed The Red Pump Project, an initiative to help educate and promote awareness about the virus. If you notice, the red pump widget in my sidebar, myself and 95 female bloggers have joined the cause to show our support and help to make a difference. We are often oblivious to how this disease affects our communities, until it hits home. It's important that we create dialogue and read up on how the disease if affecting those around us. Below are a few statistics that I found shocking.

*The largest number of HIV/AIDS diagnoses during recent years was for women aged 15–39
*HIV the leading cause of death for black women (including African American women) aged 25–34 years.
You can visit the The Red Pump Project site above as well as the Center for Disease Control's website to find more information regarding statistics pertaining to HIV/AIDS. Let's make sure we continue to wrap it up and that we know our status. And ladies, as much as we want to depend on the fellas to be carrying protection, it's always best that you have your own on deck.

KB and Luvvie will be hosting The Red Pump Happy Hour this evening. Details below.

Plush Restaurant & Lounge
1104 W. Madison
Time: 6:30 - 9pm
(1/2 off bottles of wine & 1/2 off pizza!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Wish I Was A Kid Again...

With the current state of the economy and all the other problems I'm having in my life, I have been reflecting on my childhood a lot lately.

As I was reading the RedEye this morning, I learned that the Barbie doll turned 50 today. I often forget that Barbie has been around for so long, but I then began to think about how I used to have about every Barbie. Hawaiian, the special Christmas edition. I even had the life-size Barbie head where you could do her hair and makeup. I ended up cutting my Barbie's hair really short. My mom called it destructive, I called it letting my inner creativity shine through. Besides Barbie, Cabbage Patch dolls (my favorite was the Crimp 'n Curl) and my Easy Bake Oven were my favorite toys. It's probably the reason I love to bake to this day. However I now wonder (and even a bit concerned) as to why and how a lightbulb could heat some batter up until it was a cake. Pure genious!

So what were some of your favorite toys as a kid? What couldn't you leave the house with or you just begged your parents for for Christmas?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Taboo Proposal

So a male friend of mine sent this video to me on Facebook. I really wish there was a way for me to embed the video on my blog but I'm not able to but the link is below.

(If you're not able to view the video: Basically, at a get together/game party, this brotha proposes to his now fiance' via a game of Taboo.) I think this is SO cute. Yay for Black love! What did have me a bit concerned was the lack of enthusiasm by the woman. I'm wondering if it's just her being shy and knowing that her friends and loved ones were there.

I had been quite indifferent to public engagements, but I have to say this one is quite nice.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can I Get Some Professionalism Please?

So in the past few weeks, I have been observing that people are lacking in giving quality customer service or acting professional. I like my service with a smile, a "thank you" and "have a great day." I don't want to feel rushed, I want you to act like my problem or issue is your top priority and damnit, I want to feel appreciated. In the past few weeks, here are some of my gripes with customer service especially when in OUR community.

Hair Salons
Oh yes, ladies. We liked to get the hair whipped on a weekly basis, however with this recession, I have limited my trips to the salon to a) special occasions, b) cuts/trims, and c) relaxers. I have to say that I can't stand going to the salon because for some odd reason, I am stuck there for at least 4 hours, for you to do something to my head that I could probably done with much effort. I've had stylists run out of the salon for weed breaks, food breaks, leaving me wet in the chair. Let me not get started on those who can't multi-task, basically talk on the phone while you do my hair (even though you shouldn't be talking anyway!) This is basically enough to let me know that I will never come back to you again. And as much as I like salon talk/gossip I truly hate when stylists, barbers and shampoo girls can't have a conversation without cursing. And why are you hollering? I was at the salon this week and the shampoo girl decided to tell a story where I think every other word was "f---," "s---" and "motherf----." And the stylist was caught up in this talk as well... killed the entire experience especially since she failed to really wow me with my hair. I won't be returning.

My Apartment Building
*sigh* Most people know the problems and gripes I have. Broken elevators, flooding in bathroom, heat too high, heat not even on. I am currently at Starbucks writing this post because my apartment is probably 20 degrees right now. I slept with the stove on, only to wake up several times throughout the night and my face was ice cold :-/ Regardless, I live in Hyde Park, can our building get upgraded. Can I not worry about getting stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes? Or if a storm comes through, can my water not go out along with my electricity? And when I call for maintenance requests, can I not get an attitude and not wait a full week for them to be done?!

Retail Associates
This comes from my recent adventure to Forever 21 this week. I'm starting to see that there's a trend in the hiring for the Forever 21 on Michigan and State St. Too young, lack of professionalism. However as I was there this past week, and in my efforts to try on some items. I had to wait because the girl wanted to continue to put clothes back on the hanger, and once I was done trying on clothes, I had to again wait because she decided to show her friend her "model walk." Really? We are in Forever 21. Not the catwalk sweetie, let's get it together.

So what have been some of your gripes with customer service?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drinks on Me?

So it's girl night out. My partner in crime, KK and I have decided to not just have a drink with our dinner.. we'll have drinks after.  We hit up Tantrum in the SoLo to have a nightcap and wait on "what" may occur.  

To be honest, not everyone is on Tantrum like that.. and I think it's because 1) it's the SoLo, and 2) they don't serve food.  Therefore, it's thin. But I'm trying to wind down my trying day with a few beverages. 

As we're chopping it up over our first round of drinks, the bartender walks over with another set of drinks, saying "from the guy at the end of the bar." So one of the only 5 brothas in the spot decided to buy us drinks.  Smooth play.. in my eyes, as the homie Ice-T would say.. it's real player.

I know the deal.. I have to walk down and strike up a convo with this brotha and thank him for the drinks. He's not that attractive but I'm impressed by homie's play.  I really could care less about his intentions so I walk down and chat it up with my man and find out his whole deal only to find out he's 23. Yes, baby boy is a younging. However, I become even more impressed, because how many young boys you know can play the game like this?  KK and I are both inching towards 30.. and when I returned to tell KK the info I found out.. she immediately got up and shook the brotha's hand. Hey, I would have "wiped him down" but we were in Tantrum...

My homie T just did a blog not too long ago on ladies making the conversion. Basically, ladies being able to get a drink out of a man.  I've never been one stressed for a lil' "situation," however brothas how do you make your play? When do you make your play? And why? 

I have to say homie asking the bartender what we were having is more impressive than you having your bottle and letting me drink off of it (sorry, it is!) So let me know what other creative ways you've bought a woman a drink..etc.! (it's midnight and I'm blogging!)

Shhh....The Bomb Baby!

Umm.. it's like uber late... but it's been quite the day and it's midnight and I'm drunk but I still need to give you all a throwback video. 

So I feel like I'm on this HS kick... so it's my sophomore year and I've just transferred to another high school.  Something for the People have dropped "My Love is the Shhh.." with Jesse Powell's baby sisters, Trina & Tamara.  Kick ass beat with some dope lyrics.  But who in HS, is really telling their boo or ex-SO that they won't find another's as good as yours? I mean really?  But it's the jam!

Video Moments: 1) The "don't stop, get it, get it" with the dance breakdown is hot.  2) Fellas from Something for the People didn't look like much :-(. 3) They could've kept the Girl 6 intro spin-off.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Summer...

I can't wait til the heck you get here! *sigh* It's a rainy day, and I'm so ready for warm weather. We experienced a heat wave last week, and talk about excitement. The warmth of the air, the smell... ahh. So what are you looking forward to this summer?

For me, it's the dining and drinks outside, and the cookouts. Since my birthday falls on Memorial Day weekend, I'm thinking of having a big cookout on somebody's rooftop (if you know of a rooftop I should look into, please holla at your girl). Other items: regular pedicures, cute sandals, colorful bright tops and dresses, daylight until 9 p.m., and most importantly my beautiful bronze color! I'm so pale right now, I've actually considered hitting a tanning salon. WOMP!

I know we have some to's only mid February, but I couldn't resist. What can't you wait to do this summer?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Won't you be my...

The day of love has finally arrived! Happy Valentine's Day y'all! Hope you have dates lined up and get showered with love. :-)

And I've had this song on repeat all week. Absolutely love it! (BTW, you should def cop his album)

Enjoy sweets!

Valentine - Ryan Leslie

Friday, February 13, 2009


One of my homegirl's from college celebrated her 25th birthday the other day. She's pretty lucky for it be so close to V-day. But she's seeing this new guy and for her birthday, he sent her a dozen roses, cooked her dinner (which included mussells and shrimp and rice pilaf) and took the time to find out, through her friend, her favorite bakery in which he ordered her cupcakes. Talk about WOW! He's definitely a keeper.

So I got to thinking about some of my best gifts. One of my ex flames I was dating last year, I went to visit him in Philly for New Year's. New Year's night he surprised me with an airline ticket to Memphis and a ticket confirmation for the Jill Scott concert. Talk about I just about cried. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Jilly from Philly. And I had yet to see my girl in concert... it was my birthday present and the best gift I have received. (Wondering why I didn't see her in Chicago? Memphis was her last show, and typically performers go all out for their last shows.)

A close second is from a guy who I had been seeing on and off for about five years. He was Ghanaian and went over to Ghana to meet his grandmother for the first time. We had gotten into an argument before he left and called it quits since he had decided to pursue another relationship. He sent me a stool, which in Ghanaian culture symbolizes strength & love (he felt this described our relationship). Even though everytime I look at it, I can't help but to think of him, I like the fact that I have a souvenir from A-free-ca in my house :-)

Best gift I gave? Ghana man had started smoking cigars. For his birthday, I got him a personalized cigar humidor.

What makes a gift "great" is they aren't typical, yet thoughtful and really personal. When the gift can't be given to someone else, it really makes it special.

What are some of the best gifts you received from significant others or admirers? What are some of the best gifts you received?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throwback Thursday: V-day Edition

So in the spirit of Valentine's Day (which is quickly approaching us), I decided to give you a double dose of love this Throwback Thursday!

Before there was JT, Robin Thicke or even Danny (Making the Band), Babyface hipped us to a white boy who had vocals like a brotha; Jon B. I loved his very first single, "Someone to Love," but in '97 he came with "They Don't Know," a nice love song where he told his girl to stop worrying about others say about their love. It was my sophomore year of HS and the girls and I simply adored this song. Plus, who wasn't in a relationship or talking to somebody and everybody was hating on you and your boo (or boo-tential); this was your theme song!

Jon B. - They Dont Know -

Second up, are my homies from the A... 112. Diddy (then Puff Daddy) put us up on four young boys who had true vocals (and cuties to boot). I recall seeing them in concert for the FREE back home in Columbus with Joe. They definitely gave a great performance. Their first self-entitled album was also seriously the BUSINESS. It's a classic that I can play it all the way through. The one track that still bangs hard no matter if you're in the car or the club is "Cupid." The beat is so smooth and the lyrics are beautiful.. what woman doesn't want reassurance from a guy asking her to trust him and to give love a try. *sigh*

112 - Cupid - 112

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My God, your god?

This past weekend, I linked up with a friend to get a bite to eat. Before grabbing lunch, we went to check out his boy's new home. As he's catching up with boy's wife, she giving him the latest scoop on her younger sister (if I remember correctly she's around 21, 22). She doesn't approve of her sister's boyfriend because 1) she thinks he may be gay (this is a totally whole 'nother topic, so I will wait to have this discussion), but 2) she has an issue with her sister converting to her boyfriend's religion. Boyfriend is a Black Hebrew Israelite. I actually had to go home and get the info about this because I've heard of it but wasn't clued in on their beliefs and traditions.

So to be clear, I don't think that the sister has any issues with the religion in itself. I think the issue was her sister converting on the basis of "following" this guy. She informed us that they aren't allowed to do anything from sun up Friday until sun down Saturday. Her sister is in culinary arts school, and some of the best days to earn hours and money is working on the weekends. Her sister has gone without having enough money to pay for rent since she's not able to work on Friday and Saturday nights. Instantly I made my WTH? face. Messing with my money will get you cut off quickly, but young love is a mutha. I'm not sure what she and her sister were brought up, but I definitely know this isn't going down with me.

I'm sure there are lots of relationships where one person converted to the other's religion (all of my Sex & the City fans know one of the characters, Charlotte, converted to Judaism in order to marry Harry). There are also couples who coexist while being Christian or Muslim, or Buddhist or Jew.

There's a scripture in 2 Corinthians 6:14 (King James Version) that I definitely adhere to when it comes to dating:
Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

A few years ago, I had just started seeing this one brotha and we were hitting it off and he informed me that he didn't believe in God. He didn't think that God was simply a spirit and that a grasshopper or butterfly could be god. Being a believer and Christian, I had to ask him how and why, and soon came to find out that his non-belief came from physical abuse (if he didn't go to church or say his prayers he was beaten) and he later felt that if there was a God, why would He allow me to go through such pain?

As I tried to explain to him that everyone has hardships that makes them question "why me?" it doesn't mean that you stop believing and trusting in God. He did not feel the same way, and I had to let him go as a potential (we're still friends). I was raised in a Christian household, where yes, I was made to go to church every Sunday, we gathered as a family on Wednesdays for Bible study, where I had to recite a scripture and explain the scripture and despite our obedience, my family went through turmoil, and tough times. Yet, I still know what God has done for others, continues to do for me and WILL do for me. I got faith! (My pastor explained it as having a liberating knowledge of God). Since I have not only a belief but also a relationship with God, I cannot date a non-believer, and doubt that I will ever be persuaded to worship someone else's god. It just won't work.

So good people, do you have standards when it comes to religion? Do they have to believe in "something" or must they believe in God? If you did or do date someone of another religion, did it work or what problems did you incur? Also, do you think you could convert to someone else's religion or would you try to share your testimony into making someone into a believer so that you could feel comfortable with continuing to date them?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've always considered reading as one of my favorite past times (my mom had me reading at a young age), and since I'm always traveling the best way to get through a flight is through reading (besides sleep). Most of the books I read are through recommendations, book reviews or the synopsis on the back cover simply pulls me in. However my latest read, Push by Sapphire, was based on recent reviews from the movie's premier at the Sundance Film Festival.

Set in the '80s, topics of incest, abuse, teen pregnancy and illiteracy are at the core. The central character, Precious, is 16, pregnant with her father's second child, abused by her mother and illiterate. Kicked out of school, she attends an alternative school to help her boost her reading and writing skills in order to obtain her G.E.D. that she hopes will help her make a better life for herself and her children.

Since rape can be a difficult to simply discuss, reading it is no easy task. Several times through the book, my heart just saddened. Even though it is a work of fiction, these stories happen far too often in this world let alone in our communities today. Sapphire writes the book in the same speech used as Precious (i.e. mother = muver, father = fahver), and really takes us through her mind and hardships.

I'm totally looking forward to the movie and hear that Mo'nique gives an Oscar-worthy performance, and that the film will be funded by Oprah and Tyler Perry. Peep the snippet below and let me know your thoughts. (If you decide to read, I'd love to discuss with you :))

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Street Dreamers... If I Ruled the World

Umm, yeah, I'm super late. I thought I would have time to post this morning and got caught up with work.

However, to make up for the late Throwback Thursday, I'm giving you a double dose. Both vids come from one of my favorite MC's, Nasty Nas (gov't Nasir Jones). Sidenote: He's one of my lowkey celebrity crushes.. you gotta love an intelligent thug right?

It's '96, and Nas has dropped the "It Was Written" LP. I love it! First single with Ms. Hill "L-Boogie" herself, "If I Ruled the World," in which she provides a simple, but deep hook. I love the way she brings the song in.

Video Moments: Overall the video was hot, the neon colors playing off Nas and L, plus just rolling through NYC "Times Square."

And as much of a fan I was of "Street Dreams," I thought the remix was doper (however, the original video with the "Casino" theme was cool). This time he brought in Arra, samples the Isley Brothers "Choosey Lover" and tells us the tales of the everyday street dreamer.

Video Moments: Love how they kept it simple and still were able to tell a story through the hoods of Queensbridge and the Chi.

If I Ruled The World Feat. Lauryn Hill - Nas

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Guys Are Rolling Too...

Last Friday, my girl and I went out for a drink at an after work networking event at Plush.  Well, I run into an old friend while there. I met him when I first moved to Chicago, and as a young 22 year old, adjusting to the big city, I was busy. Busy in the sense that I had dates lined up every night of the week just about.  I was checking out the scene, doing me.  This guy was cool.. educated, good career, nice car, however things didn't click because he's the quiet type. There's nothing wrong with being the "quiet, shy guy," but it makes it hard for me to connect with you when you don't ask questions and give me one-word answers. You're boring me.. on to the next. I eventually just let it fade out.

We're catching up and he asks, "whatever happened to us?"  I simply give him the response that we didn't end things badly, it was just matter of we just phased out. He wants to hang out from time to time (meaning "let's pick things back up"). No problem, I guess. Maybe things have changed in 4 years.. I'm not convinced but why not?

We go out and hit Tantrum up for $5 martinis last night. Sidenote: If you're ever looking for a swanky spot for good drinks, def hit it up on Mondays. Great martinis, cool atmosphere and they'll play your iPod! Downside is that they don't serve food and you have to order from a spot that delivers.

So back to Tantrum. I'm thinking cool. Haven't been here in a while plus I will have the opportunity to find out if there's a connection between us. Wrong! He invites his homeboy up there to have drinks with us.. and I'm feeling like the third wheel as they talk about sports, video games and their friends. I'm able to hold my own in any situation or conversation, and not look bored.. however it was blowing me that his boy is with us having drinks. If I'd known this, I surely would have invited one of my girls out with us. But wait people, this is not the first time this has happened. When I thought back on our past, he had invited another friend to meet us out.  I'm confused because he has great qualities and I'm wondering does he not feel comfortable in a date setting?  He's 30+ so the group dates or having the boys tag along are a in total violation.  And it is also a total turn-off and I'm not even sure if I even want to move forward with seeing him.

However, what is going on here? Is this man not comfortable to left alone with a woman? Is he just trying to send the signal that a woman in his life will always play 2nd fiddle to his friends?  And if he's inviting friends, why isn't he relaying the message that I can invite some of the girls out?

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm just tryna get home... 47th Street

Many people may know, but I always seem to have a story about my adventures of taking the #47 bus and Green line to church on Sundays. It really never fails. I recall when venturing to church on Easter Sunday last year, this brotha asked me "since it's the holiday and all, why don't you partake with me in a lil' wine," as he breaks out his flask. Really brotha? On the day that Jesus rose from dying for our sins? My people...

Part 1:
So I'm now addicted to attending 8am service. You can't beat getting the Word first thing in the morning, getting out at 10am and having the entire day to yourself. Yesterday, I'm traveling back home from church, and as I get on the #47 bus, I see most of the passengers eyes glued to a scene outside. The bus driver turns around and says to everybody, "you see they got that boy." Undercover cops have a man hemmed up against a store by the 47th Street Green line station. One cop is choking the brotha, while the other is holding his arms. It's obvious the man is trying to swallow whatever contraband he had on him and they're trying to make sure he doesn't. Next thing I know the man is flailing his arms and legs, kicking at the cops... they continue to break him down and until he vomits up whatever he has in his mouth. A crackhead starts bothering the cops and they have to hit at her. Next thing you know, they have this man cuffed, reading him his rights and scraping up the drugs that he threw up on the ground. I felt like I was watching a scene out of The Wire. Once again... my people.

You are probably wondering why am I able to see all of this. Because the bus driver says "I am running ahead of schedule so we can sit here for a few minutes..." Really brotha? What if something had popped off, where this man's cronies wanted to go out blazing. I don't need that... *sigh*

Part 2:
I am fully aware that 47th street is going through gentrification. It has been since I moved to the Chi four years ago. There are million dollar homes in the area and the area is truly becoming diverse, however I am hoping to know from one of my fellow Chicagoans (or anyone who is very knowledgable about gentrification and how it worked in other cities) why it is taking so long for the area to come full circle.

woot! there it is!

So, I'm a huge fan of eBay when it comes to purchasing electronic items for low prices. And then a friend of mine sent me an email about a "new" site called woot! Everyday, the online store offers an item for a low price. They only sell one item per day until it's sold out or until 11:59pm CST. There's no trying to purchase the next day, as they offer a totally new item, so if you want it, then act fast as they only have a limited amount.

Today's item is a 9.1 megapixel Casio camera for $100. That's actually not bad, especially when I just bought my 8.2 megapixel Fugi camera for the same price a couple of months ago :-/ Sometimes, the items can be truly wack (USB missile launcher, WTH?), but you can come up on some good stuff for the low. I missed out on an iPod sounddock for $30 once.

I would be sure to read the sites terms and policies. In the event, you receive a defective product, it has to be shipped back to the original manufacturer. So definitely check in everyday to see what you can find!

Friday, January 30, 2009

I like 'em... BUT ...

I had dinner and drinks one Sunday with a new friend, and the conversation of settling came up. You know settling for someone who you otherwise wouldn’t date if you had other (better) prospects on the bench, but since he or she is the only one in the line up, you still give the relationship a chance. He informed me that women always seem to date men who are "but's." You know when your friends bring him/her up, you say “I like him/her BUT ” or “He/She’s cool BUT .” There’s that ONE THING you just can’t seem to get over. The latest from one of my girls that has me dying is, “He’s cool BUT he’s an IOTA.” Some may find it to be superficial but one has to wonder why does a young man opt to pledge Iota. (There were other characteristics that my girl used to figure out that he was a total lame).

I’ve encountered just about all: he’s not cute, he’s got 2 kids, he’s short, he’s got hips, he’s got man boobs, he’s not trying to do anything with his life, his no-good daddy lives with him, he can’t hold a decent conversation, he doesn’t have a job. And even after finding out about these “issues” on the 1st or 2nd date, I would continue to give it a chance thinking just perhaps things would turn around or the better qualities will overrule those I don’t care for. NOPE! You end up wasting your time, realizing that it could and would never work. I now result in either a) letting the relationship fade out or b) letting him know he’s cool as the fan and he can be the friend. There have been cases where I was very honest in letting the guy know why we could no longer date and there are those where I gave him the BS excuse (I know, wrong, but I didn’t want to bruise the man’s ego any further).

Who were your “but’s” from past relationships? Did it end up working out in the end? Or did you end up just wasting time? Were you ever direct in why you could no longer date?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Body Rockin' All Night Long!

So this Throwback Thursday edition is dedicated to my homegirl from back home, Tisha and to the memory of lead singer Dino of H-town. Some of you may or may not know but Dino (gov't is Keven Connor) and his girlfriend died in a hit and run car accident on January 28, 2003. Yesterday was the anniversary so I'll go ahead and bless you all with an H-town classic. (R.IP. Dino)

So we're going to zip back in time and the year is like '93 and Mr. Nasty, 2 Live Crew frontman, Luke has discovered 3 young bucks out of Houston, to sing about sexing & loving, loving and sexing. First single, "Knockin' Da Boots." I believe the phrase went on to be used in a Martin episode, and to describe anytime a group of folks got it on (I truly hope no one under the age of 35 is using this phrase). I was all of 11 years old in the sixth grade, and remember singing this song on the bus to and from school, grinding it out to this at school dances and making up dance moves to this song for the talent show. Bad business I tell you!

Video Moments: 1) Luke explaining the meaning of "knockin' da boots" to the reporter, hilarious! 2) Was I the only girl who wanted a baseball jersey? 3) And who is the brotha with the speaking parts? I seriously have no clue! 4) The dance moves - that really slow pump is killing me.

Go ahead and get ya reminscinse on!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I like to refer to myself as a girly girl.  Love make-up, heels, jewelry.  However, I now want a pair of Nike Dunks. I've seen other ladies rock them and think they're cute on them.  For example, Teyana Taylor.    I think I'm going to head over to Niketown to try on a pair and see if they're fitting. I've been eyeing the ones below for about a month or so.  Especially, the pair on the right and am thinking about heading over to Niketown to try on to see if I can get away with them.  

What say you?  Fellas, what do you think about ladies rocking Dunks (every now and again)?  Ladies, would you wear?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dim Sum? Get Some!

So as of January 16, after living in the Chi for four years I have never once ate in Chinatown. Like where have I been and why have I been sleeping on Chinatown!??

My girl Kel and I hit 8am service Sunday and she has a lunch date with one of her colleagues and her associates. I am starving after service so she invites me along for Dim Sum in Chinatown. I am down.. I have yet to eat in Chinatown nor have I tried Dim Sum. Like I've heard of it, but had no clue what it was. It means "Touch of Heart" and is similar to that of Spanish style tapas, where's Chinese appetizers including rolls, dumplings and noodles are served daily during brunch times.

First, can I say that Sunday mornings in Chinatown are the jump off? It took us at least 20 minutes to find a park. People were walking down the street, stopped in the street... I guess Dim Sum on Sunday morning is that deal.

So we go to a restaurant called The Phoenix. Let's just say the wait was extremely long, but since we were late, we were able to sit down immediately with our party. And to top it off, there's no waiting to eat. The ladies are moving through the tables with their carts of dim sum, and since a few of the ladies at the table were natives, they start grabbing dishes off the cart and passing them around explaining what each dish was, what it contained, and if we would like it. I tried fried squid (basically calamari), steamed shrimp dumplings, shomai, veggie pastries, fried pork dumplings, Chinese broccoli, and some other items I really can't recall. The Jasmine tea was pure goodness and I think I got full in a matter of minutes. It was wonderful! Forget Yolk on Sunday morning... I think Dim Sum might have to be a ritual. Plus, who knew that Chinese food could give you the 'itis??!

So I definitely recommend getting Dim Sum in Chinatown. It's fairly cheap (appetizers range from $3-10; for a table of 8, we only spent $20) and filling!

Inauguration Update

Okay, so after weeks of not updating the blog, going to DC, barely getting back, getting sick and finally feeling life is back to normal, I can update you all on my trip to DC for Inauguration. Can I say simply AMAAAAZING! I have to say it is definitely a trip for the books, but outside of that to be on the national mall on Tuesday, January 20 at 12 noon EST and witness the swearing in of the first Black president! PRICELESS! So below is my recount of my 5 day/4 night trip to the District.

Day: I get and chill at my neo's spot in the city to chill until T gets in. We meet my BFF, Scott at
Alero on U Street for happy hour. Great margaritas, horrible food and service. Get a slight buzz and ready to get the evening popping. Meet some cool folks who worked on the Obama campaign and went to 'house with BFF.

8:00pm: T gets to my neo's place where we decide that Park will be the party of choice for the night.

Park is cool. However, we pull up for valet, and we notice that there are alot of folks from the other persuasion in line. Our girl makes note of this and T questions if we are coming on the right night. We hear Common is supposed to be giving a performance (he did not) and hear our homies from HU have a table, so decide to give up the $40 to get in.

The crowd is definitely one for the movies... all races, ages, sexualities. It's interesting. We find that the crowd is liver on the 2nd floor and head to the bar for a drink. (T and I decide that since we have a 45 min ride to B-more, that we won't be getting tipsy). Run into the HU homies, where we find that the pre-game with Guitar Hero was real. These cats are OOC drunk and it's still the beginning of the night. And to top it off, they are ordering bottles of Cuervo. Who does this? If I could only put into words the kind of madness that these guys were on, you wouldn't believe, so therefore I will just say that designer drugs are not what's up.

We catch glimpses of Common, and
Lance Gross fine self. He's just sexy, but he's shorter than I thought he would be. Congrats to him and Eva though. We try to avoid the thirsty ones, you know the guys who just aren't taking "no" as an answer.

Day: T and I go to Columbia Mall to try to find shoes for my formal dress (I was not able to get the tik to the YP4O Gala but was hoping I could come up on one or another gala/ball).

Evening: We ride an hour in the dark to Montogomery Cty, MD to pregame with my BFF. Only to find there's not much drank, and folks are just really chilling. We find out that we were 45 minutes from DC and decide to be out.

Night: We hit
Posh and meet up with our Chi-town homie, Cam. It's free and they're playing old school R&B with the hits. Cool! It's also a restaurant, and the food here looked absolutely delicious. I seriously have to try next time I'm in the District. Downfall: It was crowded, too crowded. There was no where to sit or stand. However, I did meet a cutie pie from NYC/Jersey who was cooler than cool.

Late Night: Hit
Busboys and Poets for food, where the wait is long but it's one of the only 3 spots that is open late night. Plus, I have to do something that is DC right? As T and I are waiting for our table, and waiting on the rest of our party to arrive, a drunk man falls into me, causing me to stumble. We think that he was struck by someone and fear that a fight is about to break out only to find that he's just extremely drunk. (It's really one of those moments you just had to be there, LOL!) Shaken up, we go to our table only to be waited by the worst server in life. Took her forever to get our orders, she forgot she took our order, forgot folks' meals and tooks over 30 minutes to get our check. Busboys was open for 24 hours inauguration weekend and obviously either wasn't ready for the crowd, or didn't pull their best servers on deck.

Day: Since we got in at 7am, we decided to sleep in until 2. We were supposed to transfer places to stay (from B-more to Montogomery Cty.), we had to take the rental back and figure out a way to get to my girl's crib. Well, we ran into some issues, since we found out that streets were blocked off due to the "We Are One" concert and decided to change at T's girl's spot and go to the new digs later.

Night: Since we don't have to worry about driving, T and I get it started with the pre-game with wine (who knew that DC does not sell liquor on Sundays, and do not sell it in their grocery stores - I want them to do better) and decide tonight is about getting it popping! LOL! We get to our friend's party at
Coco Sala, with no wait, no fuss and start partying away! My #7 and her brother are there. The music is hitting and the cuties are all around, plus the Chi-town homies are in the building. What more can you ask for? I have a moment where I lose my camera, however my linesister's brother picks it up and saves the night. We also find out that the girl we were suppose to stay with flakes out on us and we are able to stay with our boy (I absolutely love him...he forever looks out).

Day: Another lazy day...and pretty much nothing.

Night: We stay at my neo's. T gets prepped for the gala. Neo and I try to hit Lotus. We stand in line for 20 minutes and it does not move. Did I mention that it was 0 degrees all weekend? I'm impatient, my neo is cold, sowe decide to hit my boy's party at
Midtown. It's a light crowd, which is okay with me. It's the last night so I'm okay with it. A new homie buys me a drink and I had already pregamed on the way... however I was coming down with a cold, not enough sleep, not eating right = my body shuts down on me. I get too drunk and have to leave the club and end the night. (Theres more to this story, but details will stay b/w parties involved. I will forever love my neo and be bonded to my new homie).

8:00am: I wake up to find out that my my phone is now in the hands of the new homie (I was happy it wasn't lost, because I always manager to lose phones) and manage to pull it together to put on 3 layers to stand on the mall for the swearing in. We get to the train station to find that the line to get on, looks like you'd thought they were giving away free money (I know there was an extra 2 million people in the city but don't think DC properly prepared). We take the train one stop to find out that we will have to walk the rest of the way. The amount of people we see on our way to the mall is unreal!

We make it to the mall and we are by the National Monument. But we have a clear view of the jumbotron. We find out that we are standing near
Clifton Davis, brotha from Amen. The energy is amazing. People are chanting, holding up their "Arrest Bush" signs, and rocking their Barack-a-wear. We boo when Bush comes up on the screen and chear when they flash to Obama. It's amazing... we're cold, but we try not to let it faze us. And then the moment comes... Chief Justice Roberts asks the Senator if he's ready to take the oath. The moment President Obama raised his hand and said the words "I Barack Hussein Obama" I start crying. Everyone starts cheering. I look over and see T is crying and we hug each other. It is now complete! His speech was amazing.. he told Bush about himself and told the American people what he plans to do. The minute the helicopter whisked Bush away everyone cheered and waved good-bye. Everyone was on cloud 9.

12:30pm: We walk from the mall to the train station. It took us 2 hours to do this.

3:00pm: We get food, T looks for memorabilia, and we venture back to get packed up and to the airport. We missed our flights but figured we would be able to get out that night and back to work Wednesday.

7:00pm: We get to the airport to find out our flights were practically the last flights out that day and would have to leave out in the morning. T was able to get the last seat on a US Airways flight that had a layover in Philly. United basically tells me I'm S.O.L. However, since my flight was on US Airways to NYC and then my connect put me on United, I talk to US. I was at the counter for over an hour but brotha man worked it out so that I had a seat on the flight from Philly to Chicago but had to fly standby on the flight out of BWI to Philly.

Talk about being on an emotional rollercoaster when you fly standby. You can only hope someone didn't set their alarm or got lost on the way to the airport so you can snatch up their seat... and it happened. I was able to snatch up 1 of 2 seats that were available. Yes! God definitely answers prayers.

Like I said, a trip for the books. Good times all around! The crazy things we encountered in addition to the swearing in are unimaginable. However, I only wish I'd known that if I was going to miss our flights and not leave out until Wednesday that I had gone to the Neighborhood Ball. I had gotten asked by my boy's boy on Monday to go..ah well! Next time maybe.

I will close with saying it feels great to be an American :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Thoughts: Inauguration

So I'm excited about my first trip in '09. Inauguration! I will be in DC with millions of other people to hopefully witness the swearing in of President-elect Obama. Besides the partying searching of boo-tentials, the crew of folks I'll be going with have signed up to do some volunteering during the inaugural weekend. Even more exciting.

As I prepare for my are some of my random thoughts about the weekend/trip.

1. I have lots to accomplish before taking off. Getting clothes dry cleaned (and getting clothes out of the cleaners), washing clothes, figuring out what I'm going to do with my hair, finding a formal gown, finding a duffle bag for my shoes and making sure I have everything I need before I take off. I almost wish I was taking a half day on Thursday just to get a head start on everything. I feel like I need a day to prepare. Especially this formal gown madness. I've been on Macy's website and the few dresses I like, aren't in store :-/

2. Because I need to prepare for so much, I'm thinking that I may have to work out in the morning to compensate for more time in the evenings. I must keep at it.

3. I hate that I won't be getting much sleep the night before, but I really am glad that I have a 6am flight. I can get some sleep once I get there, get a mani/pedi, and get a preview of the cuties I will see for the entire weekend. But the best the event that O'hare is on some bull, I have all day to get to DC. It looks like the weather will be working in our favor, Chi-town.

4. I really wish my cousin, Korey lived in Chicago. Not only would he do my hair on a weekly basis, he'd be hooking it up this week. Since I'm trying to get this sew-in done before Friday, the best option I have come by is that I get it sewn in for $40 and I have to go to someone else to get it braided. It sounds like it's going to be a 2 day affair. I have a layover in NYC and I have really thought about just staying in NY for morning to get my hair done by cuzo and then taking the Chinaman bus to DC. Since I'm not carrying on, that option isn't going to work.

5. I'm trying to prepare for the worst..back up outfits, keeping water on deck, transportation to and from destinations. I think I can put the thought of being on time anywhere in the very back of my mind.

6. I wonder since DC will be seeing an extra 2 million people, how will phone signals be working. Like will calls be going straight to voicemail, text messages be lost.

7. Besides the people from Chicago I'm rolling with and my soror who I'm staying with, I hope folks don't think I'm trying to make plans to hook up or see them. Unless you rolling to the same parties, I'll catch you later.

8. The top 5 questions I expect to have to answer all weekend: 1) Where you from? 2) Where you staying? 3) Who are you here with? 4) What you getting into tonight? 5) What are you getting into after this?

9. I expect sit down restaurants to have waiting times out the 2 hours and such. I wouldn't even bet on making reservations.... since I'm inpatient and not about waiting when I'm hungry, I'm okay Mickey D's and Popeye's.

10. I think I may not make my flight back to the Chi. B/w traffic, the crowd on the capitol, and just not in a rush, I'm okay with getting to Chicago the next day (hopefully).

11. I am going to need a couple months to bounce back after all the money I plan to drop on eating, partying, formal dress, this weekend. I'm already at $300 and counting. The next trip won't be until April. Don't ask me about All Star weekend, or any getaway trips (unless it's a ski trip-I am trying to do that and will find the money for it).

12. To piggyback off #7, I have a feeling that I will run into folks that I'm not tryna see. Mainly ex-flames. I need some mercy on me and hope the ex love of my life stays far far away.

13. I wonder what celebrity sightings (if any) I will have.

14. I somewhat just want to bar/club hop in Adams Morgan... I don't think any place will be a bad look.

15. DC has extended last call until 4am... debauchery!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So Anxious....

Okay so this Throwback Thursday comes super duper late..I was really wrecking the brain on what I should give y'all.

So while at home my girl, who has a 14 year old sister, brought up that her sister has posters of Akon, Souljah Boy and Chris Brown around her room. C Breezie gets a pass because lil' youngin' is a cutie pie, but Akon?! Now watch me yule kid??? In the words of T, ick!

We soon came to realize that the young girls really don't have any guys to drool over. My mentee told me she loves Weezy (again, ick!). We then began to remininsce on the men of our day. Tyson, Will Smith, Immature (my girl says Batman was the deal, I don't know about it), D'Angelo, Usher. But the main one, Ginuwine! Ah yes...light bright, with the curly hair.

Thanks to Playa (Static Major), Timbaland and Missy, Elgin had two solid albums (a decent third). One of my favorite songs, "So Anxious." And since I'm "so anxious" for this week to end, and to get to DC next Friday, I'll hit you with the video.

Video Moments: The dance sequence at the end...the umbrella with the moonwalk?! I forgot the boy could dance

A Different Me...

(Being the lover of music that I am, I've decided that I will begin posting music reviews.)

I've had this album on repeat on the iPod for the past few days. I love it! I will admit I haven't been the biggest Keysh fan. I dug her very first single with 'Ye "I've Changed My Mind," and the "Last Night" single with Diddy was a banger, but I always felt like she was just screaming and hollering. Plus, I thought she was trying to bit MJB's flava, with the whole "he did me wrong, I don't want to live another day" love songs.

Yet, Keysh has stepped her game up. First, she has gone from looking like
this to this. Get it girl! Major upgrade. I think her stylist (who I heard is Rihanna's) should win some sort of award. And she's been taking some vocal lessons, because there's a softer edge (to her style) and her voice.

So back to the's definitely a different vibe from her previous two albums. Instead of singing love's heartache, heartbreak and pain...she sings of love and relationship's joys this time around. I can typically just put the CD on play and just listen, but my favorites are "Thought You Should Know," "Brand New," "Please Don't Stop," "Erotic" and "Beautiful Music." Her attempt at Tina Turner's "Make Me Over" is awful (but it's her favorite song on the CD according to her show). However, she brought some quality producers(Kwamer, The Runners, Polow) on board to make a pretty solid AND sexy album.

I say pick it up, or take a listen over at
imeem, when you have the chance.

Feeling Stressed?

The holidays have left you feeling a little stressed, you're back to the grind at work and the recession has you and everyone else worried about money...

Well, my personal trainer (wink wink, lol) has informed me that the Massage Therapy school at Everest College offers FREE massages Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-6pm. They're located at 247 S State St (at Jackson) on the 5th Floor. You can pretty much just walk in, but you want to arrive 30 minutes before the time you'd like your hour massage to begin. This helps in guaranteeing you a massage and you have to fill out release forms since these are students performing the services. I hear that some of the students are pretty good, but if you think that a student isn't putting enough "umph" into their technique, don't be afraid to let them know.

I plan on checking them out on a day off or during a lunch break sometime this month, but if you get around to trying them, please send me your feedback!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a New Year!

So I've been on a crazy hiatus. Went home to the 'bus for the holidays, no 'net at home and crazy busy at work, therefore no time to complete drafts and update the blog. However, I have a tiny bit of down time right now.

I am excited about the new year. Despite the current recession, I feel that '09 is going to be a great one. Our 44th president soon to take office, things are going to turn around for our country in due time.

But by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, I think I was over '08, lol. Time for some changes and putting the game plan into action for the goals I hope to accomplish (financially, spiritually, physically and professionally).

I went to dinner with a friend the other night and he said his goal for '09 is to really just push himself further. Instead of doing the 75 that gets him by, he's going to put in that 110 to get to the next level that he wants to be in life. It truly resonated with me because we often get so complacent with where we stand in life that we forget that we ought to do more, do our best. So I went ahead and added that to my list of goals, along with being on time to functions, strengthening my relationship with God and giving more of my time to volunteering/community service efforts.

So what are you hoping to accomplish in '09?