Friday, December 5, 2008

Juli B

Last Thursday, I attended a presentation at work for Juli B, a luxury & lifestyle "e-zine" that informs their readers about the latest in fashion, travel, dining, nightlife etc. Pretty much anything that's new and cool. Part of Modern Luxury which includes Chicago Social magazine, and founded by Juli B, she and her team brought us fun goodie bags (mine included Essie nail polish and Mark. lip gloss!) as she presented information about how the site would offer the opportunity for our clients to build up brand awareness by getting in front of their readers.

However, I found that the site could not only benefit my clients, but I as well. What girl doesn't want to receive free new products, info about a trendy restaurant for her next "girls night out," exclusive parties or the latest info on vacation hot spots?! So I quickly signed up to receive updates from the site as soon as I returned to my desk.

If any of you ladies are interested in finding out about what's new and cool, I encourage you to subscribe to receive updates as well. You'll only receive updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you don't have to worry about emails clogging up your inbox!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Throwback Thursday: My Boo

So I've decided to do a little post every Thursday called "Throwback Thursdays," where I'll post a video from back in the day that I just know you used to work it out to.

First up...Ghostown DJ's. So last Friday, while at my girl Kel's house with our guys Calvin and Marcus, we were watching VH1 Soul. This has to be the BEST music video station ever. They always manage to play the oldies that were the jams. Well when this video comes on, we ALL immediately start Bankhead Bouncing, LMAO! Talk about when Bass music was all you heard on the radio, and the A gave us the Bankhead Bounce. No longer did you have to worry about sweating out your hair or your new outfit. Even your granny could do it with ease! Ah, the memories!

But as we watched the video, some of these questions came about. Did we ever really know who the Ghostown DJ's were? Were we really wearing neon colored bathing suits with high waist bottoms back in the day? Did you ever think JD would be with the "Queen of Pop," Janet Jackson? And what ever happened to Super Soaker water guns?

Regardless, go ahead and bounce it out on your Thursday morning....

Baby, it's cold outside...

With the brutal cold (affectionately known as "the hawk") finally taking over Chi City, there's nothing like warming up with a nice cup of hot chocolate. And if you ever want to spice up your normal cup, I encourage you to go to Ethel's. The chocolate boutique happens to be one of my company's clients, and a few weeks ago, while showing my soror the city, we ventured into Old Town and Lincoln Park and stopped by to get a cup of hot chocolate. Being my adventurous self, I decided to try the Mexican Hot Chocolate, which has cinammon and chili powder. It changed my life! Talk about the nice rich chocolate flavor, with a nice kick of spice. Mmm, delicious! A regular sized cup will run you about $5, but it's definitely worth it on a wintery morning or afternoon.

Also, try some of their yummy candies, but beware they will run you $2 a piece or $3 for 2 pieces.

**Let's just say, I'm totally craving a cup right now. Just got into the office and I'm still thawing out**

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Young Love at the Gym

So I’m crushing on the young cute personal trainer at my gym. He’s 22, but he’s 6’4” (tall men are so hard to come by in the Chi) body is pure greatness, sexy eyes and just a real cool personality. Lil’ youngin has even taken the time to give me some free sessions and whenever I’m there if he’s training a client, he’ll tell me what to do for my workout. So come to find out through our one mutual friend, lil’ homie is crushing on me to. Haaaaay! However, I can’t seem to wonder if I really want the innocent flirting that we do inside the gym to come outside. A part of me can’t seem to take him seriously because of his age and his failure to follow through. Background: He was supposed to stop by and say “hi” this weekend, however didn’t tell me until the last minute (late night) that he couldn’t make it.

So I have voiced my concern to mutual friend, and she’s informed me that I should just have fun. I’m playing with the thought, but my soror is telling me to leave it alone. In the event that my “having fun” hurts his feelings (and I say his feelings will get hurt, because I simply refuse to let a young boy do me in), it will be awkward, uncomfortable when I go into the gym. Therefore, I may have to resort to working out at the “club” AKA The Bally’s on 47th in Hyde Park. So what say you? Should I give young boy a chance, or just stick to flirting and letting him help me get it tight for ’09?


I've finally set up my blog! It took me a while because 1) I have all these drafts of entries, and 2) I could not think of a name for my blog to save my life. However, it's here, and I'll be posting my thoughts on love, life, my love life, fashion, music etc soon. Can't wait to hear you all's thoughts!