Friday, March 13, 2009

Yeezy's New Breezy

As of late, the homie Ye has been toting video vixen Amber Rose around. As much as I'd like to get into old girl's past and what their relationship is based on... I won't. What I want to talk about is how Ye is upgrading this chick's style. Well, let me be more specific and say that her shoe game is killing! Everytime I venture to a blog and they're spotted, he's got her stuntin' on 'em. Her outfits are typically horrid, but nonetheless I can't hate on what she has on her feet. Here a few pics of favorites... plus I just peeped that BeBe has a knock-off of the tan sandals that I'm thinking about copping.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Like the Waaaay...

So besides David Koresh, Waco's only other claim to fame is the R & B group, Hi-Five. Can I just say that I LOVED Hi-Five, especially Tony Thompson (R.I.P.) I had their greatest hits CD (I'm not sure if three albums qualify for a greatest hits CD, but I sure did have it) and knew all of their songs by heart. About 3/5 of the group were cuties, and with Teddy Riley's production they had some classic hits. "Quality Time," "She's Playing Hard to Get," but my favorite was "I Like the Way (Kissing Game)." I was all of probably 8 years old when this came out but it's so innocent and sweet. Makes me think of my first crush, Charles Clark. Ah, the grade school memories!

Video Moments: 1) The dance intro at the beginning - we seriously would be at recess doing this as part of our dance routines. 2) Are there jackets really only closed by one button? 3) What's with the juggling of the fire?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back, Back

I have this thing about personal space. Mainly with strangers. Well, even if I know who you are but don't really know you, I do need you to not be all in my area. However, if I know you or I'm trying to get to know you (haaay boo!), then no problem.

However, I have come to find out that personal space may be a cultural thing. I am beginning to find that that when I'm out among "my" people, that I don't have to worry about getting extra breath in my face or turning around and damn near knocking you over. For example, I go to J & J's last night to pick up a dinner, and folks are spaced out, waiting their turn. There isn't even a formal line, however people know who's before them and when it's their turn. No one's breathing down another person's back trying to put that order in for some catfish... people are respecting the personal space.

Now fast forward to today. I ran out to grab lunch at Subway, it's packed to the point that the line is almost out the door. Also, there's a formal line. However, as I am in line, the man behind me is on my back to the point if I were to try scratch my back, I would elbow him in his rib cage. And he would probably look at me like I'm in the wrong but he's not respecting my area.

I really think there are only certain places that being pressed up on total strangers is okay.

The Club
-Since the majority of clubs (or should I say restaurants since promoters often do not utilize actual clubs) are small in size and the fact that doormen are going to violate the crowd capacity, booty bumping with someone you don't know is going to happen. You prepare yourself as you are getting dressed and pre-gaming that this will occur. Therefore, as you are at the bar trying to get that Goose and Cran, and brotha man next to you is pushing his way up, you can't even get mad. It's the club promoters faults.

The Concert (General Admission Only)
-More than likely, you are in groupie/fan mode and are trying to get as close to the stage as possible to see your favorite artist. You got the digi or the cell out trying to capture the beads of sweat on the forehead and feel the bass in your body. And you can't really get mad at the chick behind you screaming "I want to have your baby," because low key.. you thinking the same thing. And you can't lie.. you want to hold his hand. However, at concerts where there is assigned seating, I don't need to feel any part of your body across the seat.

Wherever Obama Is
-He's our (Black) President. He's wonderful. He's great. He's awesome. He's the homie. Enough said.

-We all know the Taste is jam packed the entire two weeks it goes on. The city of Chicago, the state of Illinois, folks from across the country come into town for it. It's national. All ages, races are out.. so yeah, you're going to feel somebody bump you with a stroller and it's going to take you 20 minutes to get to the next booth. *sigh*

How do you feel about personal space? Did I miss some venues where it's acceptable?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rocking My Red Pumps...

In honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, my girl KB and fellow blogger Luvvie have birthed The Red Pump Project, an initiative to help educate and promote awareness about the virus. If you notice, the red pump widget in my sidebar, myself and 95 female bloggers have joined the cause to show our support and help to make a difference. We are often oblivious to how this disease affects our communities, until it hits home. It's important that we create dialogue and read up on how the disease if affecting those around us. Below are a few statistics that I found shocking.

*The largest number of HIV/AIDS diagnoses during recent years was for women aged 15–39
*HIV the leading cause of death for black women (including African American women) aged 25–34 years.
You can visit the The Red Pump Project site above as well as the Center for Disease Control's website to find more information regarding statistics pertaining to HIV/AIDS. Let's make sure we continue to wrap it up and that we know our status. And ladies, as much as we want to depend on the fellas to be carrying protection, it's always best that you have your own on deck.

KB and Luvvie will be hosting The Red Pump Happy Hour this evening. Details below.

Plush Restaurant & Lounge
1104 W. Madison
Time: 6:30 - 9pm
(1/2 off bottles of wine & 1/2 off pizza!)

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Wish I Was A Kid Again...

With the current state of the economy and all the other problems I'm having in my life, I have been reflecting on my childhood a lot lately.

As I was reading the RedEye this morning, I learned that the Barbie doll turned 50 today. I often forget that Barbie has been around for so long, but I then began to think about how I used to have about every Barbie. Hawaiian, the special Christmas edition. I even had the life-size Barbie head where you could do her hair and makeup. I ended up cutting my Barbie's hair really short. My mom called it destructive, I called it letting my inner creativity shine through. Besides Barbie, Cabbage Patch dolls (my favorite was the Crimp 'n Curl) and my Easy Bake Oven were my favorite toys. It's probably the reason I love to bake to this day. However I now wonder (and even a bit concerned) as to why and how a lightbulb could heat some batter up until it was a cake. Pure genious!

So what were some of your favorite toys as a kid? What couldn't you leave the house with or you just begged your parents for for Christmas?