Thursday, January 8, 2009

So Anxious....

Okay so this Throwback Thursday comes super duper late..I was really wrecking the brain on what I should give y'all.

So while at home my girl, who has a 14 year old sister, brought up that her sister has posters of Akon, Souljah Boy and Chris Brown around her room. C Breezie gets a pass because lil' youngin' is a cutie pie, but Akon?! Now watch me yule kid??? In the words of T, ick!

We soon came to realize that the young girls really don't have any guys to drool over. My mentee told me she loves Weezy (again, ick!). We then began to remininsce on the men of our day. Tyson, Will Smith, Immature (my girl says Batman was the deal, I don't know about it), D'Angelo, Usher. But the main one, Ginuwine! Ah yes...light bright, with the curly hair.

Thanks to Playa (Static Major), Timbaland and Missy, Elgin had two solid albums (a decent third). One of my favorite songs, "So Anxious." And since I'm "so anxious" for this week to end, and to get to DC next Friday, I'll hit you with the video.

Video Moments: The dance sequence at the end...the umbrella with the moonwalk?! I forgot the boy could dance

A Different Me...

(Being the lover of music that I am, I've decided that I will begin posting music reviews.)

I've had this album on repeat on the iPod for the past few days. I love it! I will admit I haven't been the biggest Keysh fan. I dug her very first single with 'Ye "I've Changed My Mind," and the "Last Night" single with Diddy was a banger, but I always felt like she was just screaming and hollering. Plus, I thought she was trying to bit MJB's flava, with the whole "he did me wrong, I don't want to live another day" love songs.

Yet, Keysh has stepped her game up. First, she has gone from looking like
this to this. Get it girl! Major upgrade. I think her stylist (who I heard is Rihanna's) should win some sort of award. And she's been taking some vocal lessons, because there's a softer edge (to her style) and her voice.

So back to the's definitely a different vibe from her previous two albums. Instead of singing love's heartache, heartbreak and pain...she sings of love and relationship's joys this time around. I can typically just put the CD on play and just listen, but my favorites are "Thought You Should Know," "Brand New," "Please Don't Stop," "Erotic" and "Beautiful Music." Her attempt at Tina Turner's "Make Me Over" is awful (but it's her favorite song on the CD according to her show). However, she brought some quality producers(Kwamer, The Runners, Polow) on board to make a pretty solid AND sexy album.

I say pick it up, or take a listen over at
imeem, when you have the chance.

Feeling Stressed?

The holidays have left you feeling a little stressed, you're back to the grind at work and the recession has you and everyone else worried about money...

Well, my personal trainer (wink wink, lol) has informed me that the Massage Therapy school at Everest College offers FREE massages Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-6pm. They're located at 247 S State St (at Jackson) on the 5th Floor. You can pretty much just walk in, but you want to arrive 30 minutes before the time you'd like your hour massage to begin. This helps in guaranteeing you a massage and you have to fill out release forms since these are students performing the services. I hear that some of the students are pretty good, but if you think that a student isn't putting enough "umph" into their technique, don't be afraid to let them know.

I plan on checking them out on a day off or during a lunch break sometime this month, but if you get around to trying them, please send me your feedback!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a New Year!

So I've been on a crazy hiatus. Went home to the 'bus for the holidays, no 'net at home and crazy busy at work, therefore no time to complete drafts and update the blog. However, I have a tiny bit of down time right now.

I am excited about the new year. Despite the current recession, I feel that '09 is going to be a great one. Our 44th president soon to take office, things are going to turn around for our country in due time.

But by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, I think I was over '08, lol. Time for some changes and putting the game plan into action for the goals I hope to accomplish (financially, spiritually, physically and professionally).

I went to dinner with a friend the other night and he said his goal for '09 is to really just push himself further. Instead of doing the 75 that gets him by, he's going to put in that 110 to get to the next level that he wants to be in life. It truly resonated with me because we often get so complacent with where we stand in life that we forget that we ought to do more, do our best. So I went ahead and added that to my list of goals, along with being on time to functions, strengthening my relationship with God and giving more of my time to volunteering/community service efforts.

So what are you hoping to accomplish in '09?