Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Shole is Hungry

The old adage is that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I don’t think that it holds true, because I have seen quite a few relationships where men are dating a woman who can’t even boil water. However, when a potential/interest finds out that I cook (and I can) they are quite shocked, like it's unheard of for a woman to cook. One guy even gave me the response of "damn, can I get you pregnant." (That quote and situation deserves it's own post).

I come from a family of cooks and I was thrown in the kitchen once my moms got preggers with my lil’ sis. Since she couldn’t be on her feet, I had to cook the family dinners for 6 months and then when she didn't feel like it. Being a single woman, I also choose to cook because it helps save money (especially during this da*n recession!) and allows me to just fine tune my skills so to speak. And, I have dated quite a few men who can hold their own in the kitchen, to the point now I would like my future BF/hubby to be able to cook (and not just steak & potatoes). Not to mention, it’s quite a turn on to get breakfast in bed, or cook together on a Friday night (makes for great QT and prequel to dessert). And, I have to think about my future kids. I can’t have them eating hamburger helper or rice-a-roni every night (nothing’s wrong with it because I ate a lot of it growing up myself).

So how important is it for your S.O. to have cooking skills? Is it okay if they can at least cook breakfast or know a few meals? Or it doesn’t matter at all, as long as they bring other skills to the table?


Reese said...

its funny that you talk about this, i cook, the miss cant cook a lick but it works, i wish sometimes that she could cook but thats not in her bag of tricks, some men say its a deal breaker, me not so much, i love to i do, and yeah i make a mean steak, but i have a few other dishes in my arsenal...dinner party?

T said...

This is a hilarious topic because I think the myth is that if you're pretty and/or in shape, you can't cook. I've also heard girls from the suburbs can't cook. Girls from the north can't cook. I've heard it all.

I don't throw down by any means, but like Josh says I "dibble dabble." Once I get a better kitchen space and someone to cook for I'll definitely put these skills to use.

And nope, my mate doesn't have to know how to cook. They have to know how to order take-out though. Don't be sitting at home asking me what's to eat when I'm not even there. Call Mr. Chows or something.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

LOL @ T, I really like this post. In my family you raise the girls and take care of the boys. It's like from birth coming into my family, cooking and cleaning was gonna be your thing.
Sometimes I find myself getting attached to the kitchen and I don't want anyone else cooking. So sometimes I want a man that can cook me breakfast and a little spaghetti and meatballs but other times I don't want anyone in the kitchen but me.
P.S. Cooking for yourself also allows you to regulate what/how much you eat, it's easier to stay in shape.

TatooTuesday said...

I do not think it is a necessary for my mate to know how to cook. I can actually throw DOWN in the kitchen myself. I can bake, Peach Cobler anyone ***I used to have people buy cake ingredients and drop them off at the apartment in Carbondale just waiting for me to call them and tell them I was going to bake***

I only ask that she have the desire to learn or knows how to put together a simple meal, not for me for the sake of the kids. I don't want the kids to have to OD on pizza and other craziness while I'm out.

I do have one girl that her not knowing how to cook is a deal breaker for me. Why do you ask, because she has no desire to learn how to cook. It also seems as if she takes pride in not knowing how to cook. And she had the nerve to tell me one day that she knows how to put together a meal. Sides from Jewels and Rotisserie chicken is not putting together a meal!

But in reality, I subscribe to the fact to the belief that pretty women can't cook. I usually think, damn she probably can't boil water. Even though I have been proven wrong plenty of times!

Reese said...

i know a couple pretty gilrs that can cook but i will go on ot on the ledge and say it. by and large, most of the women ive encountered cant cook....but i can be proven wrong..again i say...dinner party?

PyT said...

@ Mrs. YF-since I've been working out, I do find that I am able to watch what I eat and eat more healthy by cooking.

@ Reese-I'm with that dinner party. For serious. T can bring her mac & cheese, and TT can make that peach cobbler. I'm good for a baked pasta dish.... your crib sometime after the New Year?