Thursday, February 5, 2009

Street Dreamers... If I Ruled the World

Umm, yeah, I'm super late. I thought I would have time to post this morning and got caught up with work.

However, to make up for the late Throwback Thursday, I'm giving you a double dose. Both vids come from one of my favorite MC's, Nasty Nas (gov't Nasir Jones). Sidenote: He's one of my lowkey celebrity crushes.. you gotta love an intelligent thug right?

It's '96, and Nas has dropped the "It Was Written" LP. I love it! First single with Ms. Hill "L-Boogie" herself, "If I Ruled the World," in which she provides a simple, but deep hook. I love the way she brings the song in.

Video Moments: Overall the video was hot, the neon colors playing off Nas and L, plus just rolling through NYC "Times Square."

And as much of a fan I was of "Street Dreams," I thought the remix was doper (however, the original video with the "Casino" theme was cool). This time he brought in Arra, samples the Isley Brothers "Choosey Lover" and tells us the tales of the everyday street dreamer.

Video Moments: Love how they kept it simple and still were able to tell a story through the hoods of Queensbridge and the Chi.

If I Ruled The World Feat. Lauryn Hill - Nas

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