Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Different Me...

(Being the lover of music that I am, I've decided that I will begin posting music reviews.)

I've had this album on repeat on the iPod for the past few days. I love it! I will admit I haven't been the biggest Keysh fan. I dug her very first single with 'Ye "I've Changed My Mind," and the "Last Night" single with Diddy was a banger, but I always felt like she was just screaming and hollering. Plus, I thought she was trying to bit MJB's flava, with the whole "he did me wrong, I don't want to live another day" love songs.

Yet, Keysh has stepped her game up. First, she has gone from looking like
this to this. Get it girl! Major upgrade. I think her stylist (who I heard is Rihanna's) should win some sort of award. And she's been taking some vocal lessons, because there's a softer edge (to her style) and her voice.

So back to the's definitely a different vibe from her previous two albums. Instead of singing love's heartache, heartbreak and pain...she sings of love and relationship's joys this time around. I can typically just put the CD on play and just listen, but my favorites are "Thought You Should Know," "Brand New," "Please Don't Stop," "Erotic" and "Beautiful Music." Her attempt at Tina Turner's "Make Me Over" is awful (but it's her favorite song on the CD according to her show). However, she brought some quality producers(Kwamer, The Runners, Polow) on board to make a pretty solid AND sexy album.

I say pick it up, or take a listen over at
imeem, when you have the chance.

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