Friday, February 13, 2009


One of my homegirl's from college celebrated her 25th birthday the other day. She's pretty lucky for it be so close to V-day. But she's seeing this new guy and for her birthday, he sent her a dozen roses, cooked her dinner (which included mussells and shrimp and rice pilaf) and took the time to find out, through her friend, her favorite bakery in which he ordered her cupcakes. Talk about WOW! He's definitely a keeper.

So I got to thinking about some of my best gifts. One of my ex flames I was dating last year, I went to visit him in Philly for New Year's. New Year's night he surprised me with an airline ticket to Memphis and a ticket confirmation for the Jill Scott concert. Talk about I just about cried. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Jilly from Philly. And I had yet to see my girl in concert... it was my birthday present and the best gift I have received. (Wondering why I didn't see her in Chicago? Memphis was her last show, and typically performers go all out for their last shows.)

A close second is from a guy who I had been seeing on and off for about five years. He was Ghanaian and went over to Ghana to meet his grandmother for the first time. We had gotten into an argument before he left and called it quits since he had decided to pursue another relationship. He sent me a stool, which in Ghanaian culture symbolizes strength & love (he felt this described our relationship). Even though everytime I look at it, I can't help but to think of him, I like the fact that I have a souvenir from A-free-ca in my house :-)

Best gift I gave? Ghana man had started smoking cigars. For his birthday, I got him a personalized cigar humidor.

What makes a gift "great" is they aren't typical, yet thoughtful and really personal. When the gift can't be given to someone else, it really makes it special.

What are some of the best gifts you received from significant others or admirers? What are some of the best gifts you received?

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suga said...

While away at college, I had a boyfriend back home. Our long distance strengthened our relationship immensely. When I came home for winter break, it was on and poppin lol. My being young, I suddenly felt the need for a promise ring lol One day out at the mall Christmas shopping, we walked into a jewelry store and I mentioned wanting a particular ring, but he insisted he couldn't afford it. I pouted, but I understood. Christmas day came, and I'd bought him 5 or 6 gifts. He opened his first and he loved them all. When my turn came, he handed me a small gift bag. Inside were those kissing bears from Hallmark. I'd told him that I thought they were cute a few days before so I said "thank you" and thought in my head "i know this fool didn't just give me some $9.99 kissing bears for christmas!" lol So 10 minutes pass and he eventually says he was broke so he couldn't afford anything else. I tell him it's ok and we start watching tv while I mentally plan how I can return at least 2 of his gifts...shoot, I was a broke college student too. lol I pick up the bears and start playing with them, when I notice something sparkling between them. The bears connect at the hands, and I hadn't noticed that my boyfriend had slipped the ring right where their hands connect. He'd placed it conspicuously so I wouldn't immediately find them. And it was the ring that I wanted.

I started screaming and I punched him in the arm for tricking me, while he laughed his ass off.

It wasnt the greatest gift but it was the cutest surprise.