Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throwback Thursday: V-day Edition

So in the spirit of Valentine's Day (which is quickly approaching us), I decided to give you a double dose of love this Throwback Thursday!

Before there was JT, Robin Thicke or even Danny (Making the Band), Babyface hipped us to a white boy who had vocals like a brotha; Jon B. I loved his very first single, "Someone to Love," but in '97 he came with "They Don't Know," a nice love song where he told his girl to stop worrying about others say about their love. It was my sophomore year of HS and the girls and I simply adored this song. Plus, who wasn't in a relationship or talking to somebody and everybody was hating on you and your boo (or boo-tential); this was your theme song!

Jon B. - They Dont Know -

Second up, are my homies from the A... 112. Diddy (then Puff Daddy) put us up on four young boys who had true vocals (and cuties to boot). I recall seeing them in concert for the FREE back home in Columbus with Joe. They definitely gave a great performance. Their first self-entitled album was also seriously the BUSINESS. It's a classic that I can play it all the way through. The one track that still bangs hard no matter if you're in the car or the club is "Cupid." The beat is so smooth and the lyrics are beautiful.. what woman doesn't want reassurance from a guy asking her to trust him and to give love a try. *sigh*

112 - Cupid - 112


kizkel said...

Love the Jon B! P!

I know a lot of babies were made from this song.....:)

T said...

112 is my absolute favorite! Room 112... that's grown folks music right there, but I definitely was not grown when I was listening to it. Womp.