Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweat It Out...

Monday night, I conquered my first session of yoga, and not just regular yoga... bikram yoga. Thanks to TFG, she posted info about Bikram City recently and I felt compelled to check it out. I've been hearing wonderful things about how yoga helps with circulation, flexibility and with the $29 special they have going on, I couldn't resist.

After running to Marshall's to cop a mat, some workout gear I trucked it over to the location. You have to wait for the previous class to finish before being able to go up. The place and the locker rooms are tiny. My thoughts on bikram yoga. Intense... but I loved it! For 90 minutes in 105 degree room, you go through 26 positions. And each pose prepares your body for the next. The great thing about the heat is that it loosens your muscles so that you can easily get into each poseI did not like that I was in front; the more experienced yogites typically are positioned in the front of the room so those beginners can see the proper technique. And also, the fact that since the class was probably maxed out, we were on top of each other.. eeew! But the freeze pops that we got afterwards made up for it... ahh! Takes me back to my childhood.

So here's a few tips:
1) Make sure you have a mat, towel (catches the sweat), and a big bottle of water.

2) Dress less... since it's so hot, I would encourage you to be in shorts and a tank. Fellas - shorts.

3) Arrive early. Give your body time to adjust to the temp and get centered.

4) Don't overdo it. The instructor will let all beginners know that if you feel dizzy, SAT DOWN!

5) You have to leave your shoes at the doors so if you don't like walking barefoot, make sure you have socks.

I seriously am feeling the after effects today.. my legs are killing but I loved how I felt after leaving there. Refreshed and less stressed. I say definitely check the spot out. (I copied a couple of add'l yoga articles because I'm sure I missed some vital information.




T said...

I enjoy yoga. Thummyb does it almost daily too. But I can't ever justify 90 minutes for one workout. All the classes at my new gym are 90 minutes. 60 minutes, I can handle. 90 minutes is cutting into my beauty rest. LOL!

Glad you like it though.

PyT said...

LOL! Girl, towards the end I was like "man, what time is it?"

ThummyB said...

God bless you, girl. My 45-60 min workouts in a comforablt 70 degrees are more than enough for me. I have NO desire to crank up the heat or stay longer. However, I have a number of co-workers that are ALL ABOUT IT, so go for it!

ThummyB said...