Friday, December 5, 2008

Juli B

Last Thursday, I attended a presentation at work for Juli B, a luxury & lifestyle "e-zine" that informs their readers about the latest in fashion, travel, dining, nightlife etc. Pretty much anything that's new and cool. Part of Modern Luxury which includes Chicago Social magazine, and founded by Juli B, she and her team brought us fun goodie bags (mine included Essie nail polish and Mark. lip gloss!) as she presented information about how the site would offer the opportunity for our clients to build up brand awareness by getting in front of their readers.

However, I found that the site could not only benefit my clients, but I as well. What girl doesn't want to receive free new products, info about a trendy restaurant for her next "girls night out," exclusive parties or the latest info on vacation hot spots?! So I quickly signed up to receive updates from the site as soon as I returned to my desk.

If any of you ladies are interested in finding out about what's new and cool, I encourage you to subscribe to receive updates as well. You'll only receive updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so you don't have to worry about emails clogging up your inbox!


T said...

That lunch was off the chain too! LOL!

Reese said...

where can a young metropolitan brother get some good information about goings on in his city? women are indeed catered to because women do indeed control the dollar, help a brother out PyT