Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Young Love at the Gym

So I’m crushing on the young cute personal trainer at my gym. He’s 22, but he’s 6’4” (tall men are so hard to come by in the Chi) body is pure greatness, sexy eyes and just a real cool personality. Lil’ youngin has even taken the time to give me some free sessions and whenever I’m there if he’s training a client, he’ll tell me what to do for my workout. So come to find out through our one mutual friend, lil’ homie is crushing on me to. Haaaaay! However, I can’t seem to wonder if I really want the innocent flirting that we do inside the gym to come outside. A part of me can’t seem to take him seriously because of his age and his failure to follow through. Background: He was supposed to stop by and say “hi” this weekend, however didn’t tell me until the last minute (late night) that he couldn’t make it.

So I have voiced my concern to mutual friend, and she’s informed me that I should just have fun. I’m playing with the thought, but my soror is telling me to leave it alone. In the event that my “having fun” hurts his feelings (and I say his feelings will get hurt, because I simply refuse to let a young boy do me in), it will be awkward, uncomfortable when I go into the gym. Therefore, I may have to resort to working out at the “club” AKA The Bally’s on 47th in Hyde Park. So what say you? Should I give young boy a chance, or just stick to flirting and letting him help me get it tight for ’09?


T said...

My advice to everyone about dating is do it until it's not fun anymore. If you have another episode where he doesn't cancel until way past the time he's supposed to cancel, I'd assume that isn't fun and then you should just keep the flirting at the gym.

If he follows through and his "youngboy actions" were just a one-time thing I say give the young'un a chance and see where it goes.

And if you're the one hurting feelings, then you should never have to change gyms.

I mean, God forbid, you have to work out at club Bally. IT'S THEE WORST. ICK!

Anonymous said...

LOL, wow P..I found myself in a similar situation..in that I keep attracting the young N tenders but I always hessitate because the level of respect isn't there for me. Meaning I just don't have a respect for them the way I should. You are right it's always hard to take them seriously and I would never look at "him" as my equal...and that could come to bite ya in the ass later. I think you should still have a good time and just let him know thats where you are right now but remain open to whatever happens. I think we get in the way of our lives and destiny sometimes as the beatles sang " let it be" girl.


TatooTuesday said...

Lmao, don't DO it... I know what I was on at 22. And he might be thinking, I'm about go "tax" this old chick.

Plus you are invading your comfort zone. If you are comfortable in a space just leave it there. Playfully flirt and leave it at that.

Also, tall guys are at an all-time low in Chicago. I don't know what it is. But I knew that once I found out women considered me taller-than-average.