Thursday, January 29, 2009

Body Rockin' All Night Long!

So this Throwback Thursday edition is dedicated to my homegirl from back home, Tisha and to the memory of lead singer Dino of H-town. Some of you may or may not know but Dino (gov't is Keven Connor) and his girlfriend died in a hit and run car accident on January 28, 2003. Yesterday was the anniversary so I'll go ahead and bless you all with an H-town classic. (R.IP. Dino)

So we're going to zip back in time and the year is like '93 and Mr. Nasty, 2 Live Crew frontman, Luke has discovered 3 young bucks out of Houston, to sing about sexing & loving, loving and sexing. First single, "Knockin' Da Boots." I believe the phrase went on to be used in a Martin episode, and to describe anytime a group of folks got it on (I truly hope no one under the age of 35 is using this phrase). I was all of 11 years old in the sixth grade, and remember singing this song on the bus to and from school, grinding it out to this at school dances and making up dance moves to this song for the talent show. Bad business I tell you!

Video Moments: 1) Luke explaining the meaning of "knockin' da boots" to the reporter, hilarious! 2) Was I the only girl who wanted a baseball jersey? 3) And who is the brotha with the speaking parts? I seriously have no clue! 4) The dance moves - that really slow pump is killing me.

Go ahead and get ya reminscinse on!

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T said...

Classic indeed.