Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Summer...

I can't wait til the heck you get here! *sigh* It's a rainy day, and I'm so ready for warm weather. We experienced a heat wave last week, and talk about excitement. The warmth of the air, the smell... ahh. So what are you looking forward to this summer?

For me, it's the dining and drinks outside, and the cookouts. Since my birthday falls on Memorial Day weekend, I'm thinking of having a big cookout on somebody's rooftop (if you know of a rooftop I should look into, please holla at your girl). Other items: regular pedicures, cute sandals, colorful bright tops and dresses, daylight until 9 p.m., and most importantly my beautiful bronze color! I'm so pale right now, I've actually considered hitting a tanning salon. WOMP!

I know we have some to's only mid February, but I couldn't resist. What can't you wait to do this summer?


suga said...

Can't wait for vacations! I'll be visiting my girls all over the country, and hopefully, I'll be able to sneak in a weekend or two in the Caribbean or somebody's island.
I absolutely love the sun...thank God I live in Cali. But it's been raining for the past weeks *pout* I also love summer clothes and not having to wear outer wear (jackets, sweaters, etc) Oh and long lasting daylight is so very lovely.
Your birthday plans sound great. I'm a summer baby too, reppin' July!

T said...

Dear summer indeed. Girl, the smell... the summer in the Chi just smells like heaven. I can't wait for the Taste, the bbqs, the get-togethers, now your rooftop party, the new clothes, the new shoes and the dating season.

I also LOVE the spontaneity of the summer. I know at any moment my phone could ring with fun on the horizon. Yeah... I can't wait!

suga said...

Oooh "The Taste"! I'm currently trying to decide between that, Essence Fest, and Miami *sigh*