Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drinks on Me?

So it's girl night out. My partner in crime, KK and I have decided to not just have a drink with our dinner.. we'll have drinks after.  We hit up Tantrum in the SoLo to have a nightcap and wait on "what" may occur.  

To be honest, not everyone is on Tantrum like that.. and I think it's because 1) it's the SoLo, and 2) they don't serve food.  Therefore, it's thin. But I'm trying to wind down my trying day with a few beverages. 

As we're chopping it up over our first round of drinks, the bartender walks over with another set of drinks, saying "from the guy at the end of the bar." So one of the only 5 brothas in the spot decided to buy us drinks.  Smooth play.. in my eyes, as the homie Ice-T would say.. it's real player.

I know the deal.. I have to walk down and strike up a convo with this brotha and thank him for the drinks. He's not that attractive but I'm impressed by homie's play.  I really could care less about his intentions so I walk down and chat it up with my man and find out his whole deal only to find out he's 23. Yes, baby boy is a younging. However, I become even more impressed, because how many young boys you know can play the game like this?  KK and I are both inching towards 30.. and when I returned to tell KK the info I found out.. she immediately got up and shook the brotha's hand. Hey, I would have "wiped him down" but we were in Tantrum...

My homie T just did a blog not too long ago on ladies making the conversion. Basically, ladies being able to get a drink out of a man.  I've never been one stressed for a lil' "situation," however brothas how do you make your play? When do you make your play? And why? 

I have to say homie asking the bartender what we were having is more impressive than you having your bottle and letting me drink off of it (sorry, it is!) So let me know what other creative ways you've bought a woman a drink..etc.! (it's midnight and I'm blogging!)


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

if a person doesnt want to buy another a drink, why hustle a drink, better yet why wont a lady buy a drink? i guess independent is really single

T said...

LOL @ it's midnight and I'm blogging.

Sounds like it was a good night. And on a separate, but related note, 23-years have been coming correct lately... new curriculum at the high schools when we left? I dunno.

PyT said...

Yeah, the youngings (25 and under) have been coming quite correct. Not sure why they're stepping the game up.. however there are some that still have not learned (personal trainer :-/).

TatooTuesday said...

You know I've never been a drink buyer myself, only on rare occasions, but nothing appeals to me about buying drinks in a crowded club. I think this is because I am not a drinker at ALL (I drink alcohol maybe 3-5 times a year). And I've always been luck enough to strike up convo and get a number without buying drinks. But now that I think about it, maybe I should start buying drinks, lol.

ThummyB said...

I missed the memo that you have to walk down and strike up a convo off of a purchased drink. I would have raised a toast and continued with my night. Not to intentionally play dude, but just b/c my time isn't earned with the $8-$16 that he came up off of for the drink.

Next time smile and wave...if dude is really interested, then he'll make the walk to you.

Anonymous said...

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