Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shhh....The Bomb Baby!

Umm.. it's like uber late... but it's been quite the day and it's midnight and I'm drunk but I still need to give you all a throwback video. 

So I feel like I'm on this HS kick... so it's my sophomore year and I've just transferred to another high school.  Something for the People have dropped "My Love is the Shhh.." with Jesse Powell's baby sisters, Trina & Tamara.  Kick ass beat with some dope lyrics.  But who in HS, is really telling their boo or ex-SO that they won't find another's as good as yours? I mean really?  But it's the jam!

Video Moments: 1) The "don't stop, get it, get it" with the dance breakdown is hot.  2) Fellas from Something for the People didn't look like much :-(. 3) They could've kept the Girl 6 intro spin-off.


T said...

Yeah, this used to be a jam!

suga said...


Anonymous said...

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